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THE BASIC RATES... Price/length on 4 site pages... See below for details. The following pages are NOT included in the package below... Contents page, Main Page  (Default), Subject to change without notice. 


1 month

*3 month

6 months

12 months

Small  NA NA NA NA
Medium  NA NA NA NA
Large Button -          150 x 150 NA NA $100 $150
side - X-Large -        120 x 600 NA $220 $300 $400
side - XX - Large -   120 X 700 NA $250 $325 $450
side - XXX - Large - 120 x 800 NA $250 $350 $500

* 3 month special is for a project that will only run for three months or less. Subject site approval. 


1 month

3 month

6 months

12 months

Small -            120 x 120 NA NA NA NA
Medium -        120 x 300 NA NA NA NA
Large -            120 X 500 NA NA $425 $700
X-Large -        120 x 600 NA NA $450 $750
XX - Large -   120 X 700 NA NA $500 $800
XXX - Large - 120 x 800 NA NA $550 $850


HORIZONTAL PACKAGE * 1 month 3 month 6 month 12 month
Banner - 600 x 60 - 4 PAGES


NA $700 $1300

* Horizontal pages are negotiated at the time of sale.  Exclusive advertising - one per page.

Hot Page Rates 1 month 3 month 6 month 12 month
Hot Page Package  NA NA NA NA

Hot Pages: NA 

Add To Your Package: NA at this time.

Custom Rates are Available: Custom packages and rates can always be negotiated. Contact the site to discuss it. 

Flat monthly fees: One price, no add on costs unless you add to your package

Ad Changes:  Your posted ads can change every week if you desire.  Ads can also be animated if you so wish - linked to where you wish. 

Trading For Advertising: We are willing to use the barter system if you have something of interest to trade for advertising space. 

Ad Positioning: Space available is by a first come first serve basis. Ads are installed in the position closest the top and continue to move up as the ads filter out of service. This policy does NOT relate to personal banners run for Horizontal Ads: These are very limited to just two per page, one at the top and another at the bottom. 

Adding Extra Pages: Should you wish your advertisement to extend beyond the pages of the package deals, there is an additional $50 per page regardless of which plan you choose.

Exclusive Page Ad: It is possible to be the exclusive on a basic webpage (hot pages NOT included. Contact the webmaster to discuss availability and pricing for such an add. 

CONTENTS PAGE AD: At time there is no advertising on the contents page. 

Examples of ad sizes are below: Approx. sizes. Small is 120 x 30, Medium is 120 x 60, and the Large ad is 120 x 120 - The Banner below them is 468 x 60. Vertical ads are 120x up to 600.  Horizontal banners may run up to 515x65 pixels.  

CONTRACT TERMS: Payment must be received for all advertising prior to running on the site. Payment may be made by company check, personal check only at this time or paid to the site pay pal account. BURNTEFFECTS.COM reserves the right to refuse any ad based on what this site deems to be inappropriate content or an insult to our audience. Prices subject to change without notice. Contact the webmaster with any questions.  Checks must clear prior to add running. 

CONTACT: To contract an ad with us please email us at  Be sure to include your name and phone number in the context of the email message. You will be contacted as quickly as possible. 

CONTENT is subject to approval. Ads can be taken down at any time by the buyer. 









up to 120 x 525