/              /CAST

  • Gary Graham as Det. Matthew Sikes
  • Eric Pierpoint as Det. George Francisco
  • Michele Scarabelli as Susan Francisco
  • Lauren Woodland as Emily Francisco
  • Sean Six as Buck Francisco
  • Terri Treas as Cathy Franklin
  • Jeff Marcus as Albert Einstein
  • Ron Fassler as Capt. Bryon Grazier
  • Lawrence-Hilton Jacobs as Sgt. Dobbs
  • Jenny Gago as Beatrice Zepeda [ ep 19+ ]
  • James Greene as Uncle Moodri
  • Jeff Doucette as Burns
  • Molly Morgan as Jill



   Alien Nation is a science fiction television series, loosely based on the movie of the same name. Gary Graham starred as Detective Matthew Sikes, a Los Angeles police officer reluctantly working with "Newcomer" alien George Francisco (from the planet Tencton), played by Eric Pierpoint. Sikes also has an on again-off again flirtation with a female Newcomer, Cathy Frankel, played by Terri Treas.


    The storylines generally revolved around morality plays on the evils of racism and bigotry using Newcomers as the discriminated minority. As fictional extraterrestrial immigrants, the Newcomers could stand in for social issues about African- Americans or Hispanics, as well as sexual minorities such as homosexuals, and would invert the usual expectations. For instance, during the run of the series, George became pregnant (the male of his species carrying the fetus for part of its gestation) and during much of the episode dialog included lines like, "If you females had to feel the pain we males feel during pregnancy, there wouldn't be any babies." The series offered social commentary by illustrating what it means to be human and the often bizarre rituals we observe.



    The weekly series ran for one season, from 1989 through 1990, and was one of the few successes the fledgling Fox Network had at the time. However, the network suffered from financial shortage caused by lower-than-expected advertising income. As a result, Fox executives cancelled all of their dramatic series for the 19901991 season. A second season of Alien Nation was clearly expected by the producers, as the season ended with a cliffhanger. The show built a strong fan base, and popular demand led to "Dark Horizon", the episode that would have begun the second season, being novelized and adapted as a comic book as well as spawning a series of novels. Four years later, after a change of management at Fox, the story of Alien Nation continued with five television movies (including all the original cast), picking up with the cliffhanger.

   There is a rumor, a large part of the series cancellation included the cost to create the melon head make-up effects of the aliens for every character for every day of the shooting. 


The DVD boxed sets - there has been two boxed sets, both using the same VHS mater to DVD. The picture quality is bad. But having the series is wonderful.
























Pilot 0 1-00   Alien Nation (91 min)  

Season 1 

1      1-01      Alien Nation: The TV Movie (1)  
2      1-02      Alien Nation: The TV Movie (2)  
3      1-03      Fountain of Youth  
4      1-04      Little Lost Lamb 
5      1-05      Fifteen with Wanda 
6      1-06      The Takeover 
7      1-07      The First Cigar 
8      1-08      Night of the Screams 
9      1-09      Contact 
10    1-10      Three to Tango 
11    1-11      The Game 
12    1-12      Chains of Love 
13    1-13      The Red Room 
14    1-14      The Spirit of '95 
15    1-15      Generation to Generation 
16    1-16      Eyewitness News 
17    1-17      Partners 
18    1-18      Real Men 
19    1-19      Crossing the Line 
20    1-20      Rebirth  
21    1-21      Gimmee, Gimmee 
22    1-22      The Touch  
23    1-23      Green Eyes 

Other Episodes 

Featured Movie S1      25/Oct/94      Alien Nation: Dark Horizon           (90 min) 
Featured Movie S1      10/Oct/95      Alien Nation: Body and Soul         (87 min) 
Featured Movie S1      02/Jan/96      Alien Nation: Millennium               (90 min) 
Featured Movie S1      12/Nov/96     Alien Nation: The Enemy Within    (91 min) 
Featured Movie S1      29/Jul/97       Alien Nation: The Udara Legacy   (90 min)





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