In 2267, six years after the Shadow War, the Drakh, a former ally of the Shadows, attempt to destroy the Earth with a leftover Shadow Planet Killer. Interstellar Alliance president John Sheridan takes command of the Excalibur and Victory and leads the EarthForce and ISA fleets to victory. During the battle, the Drakh released a viral weapon into Earth's atmosphere, infecting every living thing on the planet. In five years the virus will become active and kill everything. The Victory was destroyed in the battle, but the Excalibur survived. Command is turned over to Captain Matthew Gideon who is given a mission: explore the galaxy to find either a cure or an ally capable of producing one (Babylon 5 season 5 episode - "War Zone"). 



    Crusade is a spin-off series from J. Michael Straczynski's Babylon 5. Its plot is set in AD 2267, five years after the events of Babylon 5, and just after the movie A Call to Arms. The Drakh have released a nanovirus plague on Earth, which will destroy all life on Earth within five years if it is not stopped. To that end, the Victory class destroyer Excalibur has been sent out to look for anything that could help the search for a cure.  

    The complete series was released as a four disc set in 2004, almost five years after the series ended and a few months after the final season and movie set of Babylon 5 was released. Crusade was also included in Babylon 5: The Complete Universe, a set of all B5 shows and movies released in the UK on October 24, 2005. It was not included in Babylon 5: The Complete Television Series, which was a set released in the US.

     TNT showing the episodes out of their intended sequence, there are several continuity problems, including a huge reason for the series demise.  



     Like Babylon 5, Crusade was intended to have a five-year story arc, although as Straczynski notes in the DVD commentary for A Call To Arms, it was intended to resolve the Drakh plague after a season or two and move onto other arcs. However, conflicts arose between the producers and executives at TNT, and production was cancelled before the first episode was broadcast.

TNT's research had indicated that the audience for Babylon 5 did not watch other TNT programming, and likewise TNT's main audience was not watching the show, making another related program unattractive to the network's management. Straczynski believes that the network's "interference" with the production was an attempt to get out of their contract by allowing them to argue that he failed to deliver the series they wanted.

Thirteen episodes were made and broadcast by TNT, with at least four more scripted. The SyFy Channel attempted to pick up the show and continue production, but was unable to find room in its budget.     






Season Year 2267

the true chronological order

22 episodes were scripted including first episode of season 2

Title Original Date
War Zone 6 June 1999
The Long Road  16 June 1999
Appearance and other Deceits  28 July 1999  
The Memory of War   11 August 1999 
The Needs of Earth   18 August 1999
Racing the Night   4 August 1999
Visitors From Down the Street   25 August 1999
Each Night I Dream of Home   1 September 1999
The Path of Sorrows  30 June 1999 
Ruling From the Tomb   14 July 1999 
Patterns of the Soul   7 July 1999 
The Wall of Forever   23 June 1999 
The Rules of the Game  21 July 1999  










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