The Flash dashed into the CBS new season line-up in Sept of 1990 and just as quickly sprinted into cancellation after just one season. 

      John Wesley Shipp starred as Barry Allen ... the Flash. Lightning hit the lab Barry was working in throwing the police officer into a wall of hazardous chemicals. These chemicals were absorbed by our hero causing drastic changes to his DNA. Changes that would turn the once normal Barry Allen into a superhero. A superhero with incredible speed. A superhero who would become known as, 'the Flash.'




     Familiar faces guest starred with the flash. Richard Burgi from UPN's The Sentinel was here, with hair. Jeri Ryan, 7 of 9 on Voyager, & Denise Crosby of the Star Trek the Next Generation were part of the series. David Cassidy (the Partridge Family) also dropped in to playthe mirror master and Mark Hamill of Star Wars fame gave fans a great performance as... the Trickster. He was so good he appeared twice. 
















     The Flash ran through CBS for all of one season. The show mixed comic book style sets, decent stories lines, some quality acting and superior special effectsm, for a 90's television series, to create an interesting hour of television. The Flash, unlike today, was unable to find an audience. A task made more difficult thanks to the networks constant pre-empting. 

NOTE:  I have found two different episodes guides with the order listed differently. One is the one below with the air dates listed with them. The other has a synopsis of each episode with an episode number. The ( ) listed below indicate the episode number from the second episode guide I found.  The one with original air dates is most likely correct.

The Episode "Goodnight Central City" starring Billy Mumy was the most difficult episode for early collectors to find since it was pre-empted on it's premiere date and was not nationally broadcast again. Lucky for fans that now have the DVD boxed set. 

Familiar Faces...
Jeri Ryan, Richard Burgi & Denise Crosby 'The Deadly Nightshade'.
Jeffery  Combs (re-animator, and DS9) 'Captain Cold'
David Cassidy 'Done With Mirrors' as the Mirror Master
Mark Hamill (luke skywalker) 'Trial of the Trickster' & 'Trickster'
Billy Mumy (lost in space, Babylon 5) 'Goodnight Central City'.
Micheal Champion (Total Recall, Toy Soldiers) 'Captain Cold'.
Michael Nader 'pilot movie' & 'Fast Forward'.
Tim Thomerson 'Pilot Movie 'The Flash''.

1st Season 1990

Pilot Movie: The FLASH 9.20.90     
3. Out Of Control 9.27.90
4. Watching the Detectives 10.18.90
5. Honor Among Thieves 10.25.90
6. Double Vision 11.1.90
7. Sins of the Father 11.8.90
8. Child's Play 11.15.90
9. Shroud of Death 11.29.90
10. Ghost in the Machine 12.13.90
11. Sight Unseen 1.10.91
12. Beat the Clock 1.31.91     (13)
13. the Trickster 1.7.91       (14)
14. Tina, Is That You? 2.14.91     (12)
15. Be My Baby 2.21.91     
16. Fast Forward 2.27.91     
17. Deadly Nightshade 3.27.91     (18)
18. Captain Cold 4.6.91       (19)
19. Twin Streaks 4.13.91     (20)
20. Done With Mirrors 4.27.91     (21)
21. Good Night, Central City 5.4.91       (17)
22. Alpha 4.11.91
23. The Trial of the Trickster 4.18.91



Images captured many, many years ago using an ATI: All In Wonder Pro 
from an SLP video. The better images were found on the web or 
scanned from the complete series DVD boxed set.




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This page is was created in remembrance of the show. Available 
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