In the pilot, Immortal thief Amanda meets Nick Wolfe (Paul Johansson), a cop who is investigating a series of robberies. During the course of the investigation, Amanda is framed for murder by a crooked cop from Nick's department. Amanda's name is cleared, but not before Nick's partner Claudia Hoffman (Torri Higginson) sacrifices her own life to save Amanda's. Nick discovers Amanda's immortality when he sees Amanda die, then get up and run away.

     Claudia's death has a profound effect on Amanda, and throughout the series (with help from Nick's own strong moral code), she attempts to change and become a good person. She discovers that she caused the deaths of a battalion of soldiers in World War I, which further influences this change. Amanda finds herself facing up to Immortals, even if she doesn't think she can beat them, when previously, she would have run away.

     In the final episode, Nick inhales a deadly poison, and is told he has twenty-four hours to live. Amanda, trying to do the right thing, shoots him. When he awakens a few seconds later, he discovers that he too is Immortal. The reason behind shooting him was that his immortality could only be triggered by the shock of a violent death. Unfortunately for Amanda, Nick is none too happy about it. The series ends with Nick walking away, angry at Amanda for not telling him that he was Immortal (which she had known all along), and for making the decision for him.

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Highlander: The Raven    was a short-lived spin-off from the television series Highlander, continuing the saga of a female Immortal

     The series followed the character of Amanda (played by Elizabeth Gracen), an Immortal who had a recurring role in Highlander: The Series

     The series was filmed in Toronto, Ontario, Canada and Paris, France and was produced by Gaumont TÚlÚvision and Fireworks Media in association with Davis -Panzer Productions.
     Raven is following the Highlander bookmark being seen in 48 languages in 70 countries internationally.

     It moved final filming totally to Paris and was produced by Guamont Television & Fireworks Media, Inc. in association with Davis/Panzer Productions. 

     Any series with Fireworks name attached in the syndicated realm would always get screwed. 





     Only 22 episodes aired of the Highlander spin-off series. The writing was surprisingly good on the syndicated series. Gracen and Johansen's onscreen presence worked well.  The Raven simply didn't get a chance to find an audience. A common occurrence syndicated shows back in the 80's.  80's syndicated show air on different days and times in local markets. 

     The Raven went final with Nick discovering his destiny was very different than what he thought. Amanda told him she knew it from the minute she met him. Killing him was the only way to save his life. The series ended with Nick, as very troubled man. He did not want to be... an Immortal... There can be only one.


Reborn 9.26.98
Full Disclosure 10.3.98
Bloodlines 10.10.98
Immunity 10.17.98
Shall Ye Reap 10.24.98
Birthright 10.31.98
Crime and Punishment 11.7.98
The Unknown Soldier 11.14.98
Cloak and Dagger 11.21.98
Passion Play 11.28.98
The Devil You Know 1.30.99
A Matter of Time pt1 2.6.99
The French Connection pt2 2.13.99
The Rogue 2.20.99
Inferno 2.27.99
The Frame 4.10.99
Love and Death 4.17.99
Thick as Thieves 4.24.99
The Manipulator 5.1.99
The Ex-Files 5.8.99
War and Peace 4.15.99
Dead on Arrival 4.22.99
































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