the Embraced

   Kindred, the Embraced came to television in 1996 by  whom other than Aaron Spelling. Written and created by  Leekley and directed by Peter Medak. Based on the book  by Mark Rein-Hagen, the Masquerade. The Vampires of the Kindred exist in clans that are ruled by their prince, Julian. This series takes place in San Francisco. 
     The five clans exist as factions. The Ventrue, business types, the Nosferatu - the true essence of Vampires; The Brujah are gang-like; The Toreador are based on the arts, And the Gangrels are biker/gypsy types and serve to protect the Prince. Also seen are the Vampire shape-changing assassins called the Assamite 
   Each of their leaders, called Primogen, serves on a board that dictate and rule the Kindred. 

     This was a great series cut short before the second season due to the death of the series lead character Mark Frankel.



     Sasha & Cash are from different clans and love between them is forbidden. They have a natural hate for each other. But love can conquer all Supposedly.




    Kindred can handle the daylight after a fresh feeding. Each has the ability to change shape and see into the past of an object that was held by the dead person. 












Mark Frankel

Julian - Prince

C. Thomas Howel Frank
Stacy Haiduk Lily
Brigid Walsh Sasha
Channon Roe Cash
Kelly Rutherford Caitlin
Erik King Sonny T
Jeff Kober Daedales
Patrik Bauchau Archon
Brian Thompson Eddie Fiori



     Frank, C. Thomas Howell, is the human cop who fell in love with a Kindred. She spilled it all to him and it cost her, her life. But her life gave the promise of Julian to protect Frank from the Kindred. Nor does he know that his own partner is one of them until one of the last episodes.





     Eddie Fiori is determined to take over the clans and become the next Prince. To do this he must discredit Julian and get the other clans to stand behind him. Due to the trouble Fiori brings on himself and his clan causes his sire in for a visit from Las Angeles.  
   It could cost Eddie his head if he isn't careful.   

























Episodes: Kindred: The Embraced - 8 total Episodes

4/2/1996:    The Original Saga                                                                                   Season 1, Episode 1
4/3/1996:    Prince of the City                                                                                    Season 1, Episode 2
4/9/1996:    Night Stalker                                                                                           Season 1, Episode 3
4/10/1996:  Romeo and Juliet                                                                                    Season 1, Episode 4
4/17/1996:  Live Hard Die Young and Leave a Good Looking Corpse                  Season 1, Episode 5
4/24/1996:  Rise and Fall of Eddie Fiori                                                                   Season 1, Episode 6
5/1/1996:    Bad Moon Rising                                                                                   Season 1, Episode 7
5/9/1996:    Cabin in the Woods                                                                                Season 1, Episode 8






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