Lexx was a science fantasy television series that follows the adventures of a group of mismatched individuals aboard the organic space craft Lexx. They travel through two universes and encounter planets including a parody of the Earth.



     LEXX was Canadian and German co-production, with some additional funding from Britain's Channel 5. The SYFY Channel purchased the series from Salter Street Films and began airing versions of Season 2 episodes for United States' audience in January 2000.

     Lexx was co-produced by Salter Street Films, later absorbed by Alliance Atlantis. In Canada, Lexx aired on the Alliance Atlantis-owned Showcase network.

     The series was primarily filmed in Halifax (Nova Scotia, Canada) and Berlin (Germany), with additional filming on location in Iceland, Bangkok (Thailand), and Namibia. 

     LEXX would run for 4 seasons and a total of just 56 episodes and four two-hour telefilms. 




  • Stanley H. Tweedle (Brian Downey) of planet Ostral-B, Security guard 4th class, the Arch Traitor, courier of a failed rebellion, and, by accident, captain of the Lexx.
  • Zev/Xev Bellringer of planet B3K, part cluster lizard, and part renegade love slave. Played by Eva Habermann (as Zev) in the first season and the first two episodes of the second season, and Xenia Seeberg (as Xev) thereafter.
  • Kai (Michael McManus), last of the Brunnen-G, an emotionless, undead Divine Assassin.
  • 790/791/769 (voice of Jeffrey Hirschfield), a robot head that received the love slave programming meant for Zev, in love first with Zev, then, starting in season 3, with Kai.
  • The Lexx itself (voiced by Tom Gallant), with which Stanley regularly interacts.
  • Lyekka (Louise Wischermann), a plant who can also release an apparent human woman form to feed on humans. She sleeps for long periods aboard the Lexx, and is an occasional Lexx crew member when she wakes up to release her human form to feed (10 episodes).






      The main characters of the series are the Lexx and her crew. The crew consists of the captain of the Lexx, Stanley H. Tweedle, the love slave Zev/Xev, the undead former assassin Kai, last of the Brunnen-G, and the love-crazed robot head 790. Together they are looking for a new home. The background conflict of the series is the war between Mankind and the Insect Civilization, in which each side seeks the annihilation of the other. It was foretold to Kai that one day he will destroy the last remnant of the Insect Civilization.

     The plot unfolds across a time span of over 6,000 years. Kai's death (or undeath) occurs 2,008 years before the beginning of the events of the series. For the first two seasons, each episode is focused on space travel and usually one different planet. Each of the last two seasons has a single location for all episodes. At the beginning of Season 3 the crew spends about 4,000 years in cryostasis. In Season 4, the Lexx reaches our Earth in the present.







The Lexx is a bio-engineered planet-destroying bioship in the shape of a giant wingless dragonfly. It was grown by ingesting organ collections from the protein bank on the Cluster, the seat of the Divine Order, for use by His Divine Shadow. The Lexx was originally intended as the ultimate deterrent: the threat of a weapon that could instantly obliterate any planet would keep the remaining "Heretic" worlds of the Light Universe in line, and those that refused to capitulate would be summarily destroyed to reinforce the point. This plan was foiled when the crew commandeered it to escape from the Cluster.







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