NOTE:  The series was greenlit for a fourth season and production was ready to get underway. However, business problems, such as negotiations between the series original owners and the new owner hit a snag over price per episode for seasons 1 and 2, and the series never began production for the 2002/2003 season. 



the Lost World

     The series stars... David Orth, Jennifer O'Dell, Peter McCauley, Rachel Blakely, and William Snow. 

     In 1919, Challenger (Peter McCauley) discovers the secret of a huge plateau in the middle of the Amazon - that dinosaurs are it's inhabitants!  When he presents his evidence to a historical society in London, he is laughed at and called a fraud.  Furious, and determined to prove he is right, he asks for volunteers to accompany him on an expedition into the jungle, on a perilous river journey, and to ultimately gain the top of the plateau by balloon.   An extremely skeptical member of the society, Professor Arthur Summerlee (Michael Sinelnikoff) is persuaded to go on the trip.  Lord John Roxton (Will Snow), a hunter and experienced adventurer enthusiastically offers to go, since bagging a dinosaur would be the ultimate challenge, and an American reporter, Ned Malone (David Orth, although Malone is played by Will DeVry in the pilot movie), also jumps at the chance at what could prove to be the story of the century.   The journey is almost over before it's begun when the historical society refuses to fund the trip, but then Marguerite mysteriously appears and offers to finance the whole thing, lock, stock and barrel.  She has remained as mysterious and her motives are not known. 





    They very quickly meet Veronica, Jennifer O'Dell, who invites them all to her home, a tree-house complex her parents had built.  It is not an exaggeration to say that without Veronica's help and knowledge, the group would be hard put to survive their involuntary incarceration in the Lost World. 


3 Seasons / 66 Episodes
Syndicated Television

     1st Season 

103. More Than Human 
Roxton is out in the jungle looking for elements to fabricate a crossbow large enough to kill a T-Rex. His work is interrupted by the arrival of an actual T-Rex. To save his fellow explorers, he runs off to lead the giant beast away from the camp. It is almost upon him when the ground gives way and he disappears. The T-Rex chases and eats a deer. The rest of the party search for Roxton when he doesn't return. They too come to the point of his disappearance and are swallowed up by the earth, falling into a whirlpool of water. They all surface to find themselves in another part of the plateau. Here they discover that the intelligent life forms have descended from the dinosaurs. This world is almost Roman in origin. The "lizard-men" are the rulers and the human are slaves. Roxton is captured and made a gladiator. In order to save the others, he must fight one of the human slaves in an arena known as the PIT.

104. Nectar 
Summerlee is out with Veronica, picking wild berries the size of melons. As he moves toward a large flower, the air is suddenly filled with a loud buzzing. Summerlee looks to the sky, thinking he has heard an airplane. It was a giant bee and it attacks. He is stung, the poison filling him quickly leaving him near death. The only hope for his survival lies in the heart of the hive itself. Roxton, Veronica and Malone must find a way to enter the hive and steal the nectar of the Queen Bee in order to save their dying friend. Marguerite and Challenger prepare for a pending apemen attack on the treehouse while Roxton and company find themselves sealed alive into a honeycomb deep with the hive.

105. Cave of Fear 
     Running low on gunpowder and facing death without it, Challenger, Malone and Veronica must traverse an ancient burial ground -- an area of deadly taboos and horrors -- in search of one of its components, sulphur. Warriors in black and white paint attack them. Challenger is taken away. At night the rest of the party sneak into the warrior village. They reach the main hut and crash through the door only to find Challenger sipping tea with a beautiful blond woman, Cassandra. She was the wife of an explorer who died on the Lost World twelve years earlier. She has since become the warriors queen. Cassandra explains that Challenger has committed a mortal sin in violating the burial grounds and must remain her prisoner. But, there is one way to free him, enter the cave of fear and return with her husband's bones so that she can bury him. Do that and Challenger can go free. They have two days.

106. Salvation
A young man stands tied to a post weeping, surrounded by tar-soaked tinder, begging for his life. He proclaims his innocence. This is the fortified encampment of The Christecs, a people lost in time who practice a hybrid of Conquistador Inquisition, Catholicism and Aztec paganism. The booming accusatory voice belongs to the High Priest, Tolmac, who stands before his people with a lighted torch in his hand preaching against evil and the devil. While exploring a lakefront, Challenger, Summerlee and Veronica hear the scream of a little girl drowning. They pull her from the water and Summerlee revives her. Tolmac sees this and labels Summerlee a devil. Veronica escapes, but Summerlee will be put on trial for heresy and witchcraft. Challenger will defend him and if found guilty, both men will be burned at the stake. It will be up to Roxton and the others to save their friends.

107. Blood Lust
Scouting the plateau, Roxton is bitten by a crazed young man and infected with a vampiric disease which elevates his hunting instincts to a blood thirsty new level. Mad with blood lust, Roxton attacks Marguerite and Challenger and runs off into the arms of Calista, a mysterious woman who understands his need for fresh blood to survive. As Marguerite and Challenger search for Roxton and clues to his sickness, they don't realize he is in turn hunting them. At the Treehouse, Niko, a native man, becomes smitten with Veronica's beauty and wishes to make her his bride. When Malone objects, the only honorable thing for Niko to do is to fight Malone for her, to the death.

108. Out of Time
Roxton, Marguerite and Malone are mapping a series of caves, trying to find one that leads off the plateau without much luck. Marguerite, all the while, has been gathering gleaming gemstones in her backpack. At least she will not go back empty handed. A fog begins to fill the air around them...dense...deep fog. From out of the mist forms take shape: cloaked figures and eerie rock formations, encircling a stone slab. They find themselves surrounded by Druid-like figures who swarm over Marguerite. Roxton tries desperately to protect her, but she is torn from his grasp. The two men are restrained and Marguerite is carried away and deposited on the stone slab. It turns out that Marguerite figures in an ancient prophecy and that her fate has finally caught up with her, here. What it means, she must discover for herself. Back near the treehouse, Veronica and Summerlee make a startling discovery in the jungle: a baby. As they take the child home, we discover they are being watched by inhuman eyes. An ape-woman, softly follows their footsteps.

109. Paradise Found
An old man struggles to run through the jungle, his eyes filled with fear. Pounding feet are chasing him down. He nears the tree house just as a huge creature, all teeth and claws, leaps from the jungle and knocks him down. Roxton grabs his rifle and fires on the creature killing it. Veronica runs over to where the ancient one is lying. In his hand he holds a small gold locket with Veronica's picture in it. Sinta dies speaking her name. Veronica explains that Sinta was her parents guide eleven years ago. How did he get to be so old when he was only eighteen when Veronica last saw him? In the pocket of the old man they find a hand drawn map. Their journey leads the group to a hidden archway cut into a rock face. It is guarded by a giant horned lizard which they manage to move away and pass the archway. What they find is a world beyond their understanding. A world that is seductive enough to push loyalty to its breaking point with temptation. A paradise of beauty, art, drama and food. They also discover that the beast guarding the doorway was not there to keep people out... but to keep them in.

110. the Beast Within
A woman's scream leads Malone right into a booby trap and poison darts slam into his neck. By the time the other men arrive, Malone is dead. A Shaman, LENTO, claims he can heal him. As magic and medicine mix, the Shaman absorbs Malone's death. However, saving Malone overloads Lento's healing capability and drives him to madness. Lento is sentenced to death, but a regretful Malone helps him escape. Summerlee covers for Malone and is himself sentenced to die unless the other men can kill Lento--mad with murderous disease--in a jungle full of deathtraps. Meanwhile, Marguerite and Veronica find themselves trapped in an abandoned well, at each other's throats, and with deadly Herrerosaurs looming overhead.

111. Creatures of the Dark
Tracking a stream, Challenger, Veronica, Malone and Marguerite run into a group of VANTU headhunters. There is nowhere to run or to hide... except in what looks like an overgrown cave opening. They dash into it only to discover it is man-made, an old, crumbling mine shaft. There is a loud rumbling and a tremor that gives way to a cave in. Veronica escapes, but the others are trapped inside. Near death from suffocation, they are saved by GARZA, part of a group banished to the mine by a plague-like disease and led by a blind, ten year-old boy known as THE ORACLE. The boy decrees our adventurers must remain in the mine forever and is un=swayed even when Challenger discovers the increasing tremors are caused by a volcano threatening to entomb them all. Meanwhile, Veronica enlists Roxton and Summerlee's help to save their friends. In their efforts to dig their friends out of the mountain, they again meet the Vantus, still looking for a few good heads.

112. Tribute
A young woman, Tarya, races along the beach chased by a warrior on horseback who is quickly gaining on her. Seeing this from a nearby rock out-cropping, Roxton leaps out and knocks the warrior from his horse in an effort to save the girl. The warrior draws his dagger and charges toward Roxton and as they fight the warrior falls mortally wounded. To his surprise Roxton finds that Tarya's people live under the dominion of the war-like tribe the Hikari. For centuries they have paid tribute to the Hikari for protection from anyone who might harm them. But every form of protection has a price which Roxton, Challenger and Veronica soon discover and set out to change. Meanwhile, near the tree house, Marguerite, Summerlee and Malone spot a smoking bi-plane flying above them. They rush to through the jungle to the plane and find Hans Dressler, a World War One flying ace. A man who still believes he is at war, and takes them all prisoner.

113. Absolute Power
Our adventurers find the ruins of an ancient temple and at its center, Challenger is amazed to find the crude etching of an atom. Searching to unlock the mystery, Challenger places a nearby crystal sphere into the "keyhole" of the atom. Suddenly a blinding white light engulfs Challenger, leaving him near death. As Challenger's friends fight to save his life, we see an alternate reality, where Challenger emerges from the light unscathed and with extraordinary powers. When the vicious Dirkon and his band of Slavers kidnap Veronica, Challenger easily defeats them. Unfortunately, after this Challenger's arrogance increases tenfold with his powers with murderous results. With Challenger near death in one world, and his friends dying in the other, the two worlds begin a collision course with destiny.

114. Camelot
While Veronica practices her bolo throwing, Marguerite enjoys a cool dip in the river. As she slips on her robe, sixteen year-old Gawain steps out of the bushes and informs her he'd rather see her without it. As he is the King of his Camelot-inspired realm, his word is law. Against the wishes of Vordred, the young King's Grand Vizier, Gawain is determined to make Marguerite his Queen. Marguerite has no choice; marry him or die. So begins a tale rife with duplicity, plots and counter plots, a Kingly edict to slay a "dragon", and a deadly joust between Roxton and Vordred to decide the future of the Kingdom and the freedom of the explorers.

115. Unnatural Selection 
Roxton , Challenger and Veronica come upon a young woman - - Rennata who is fleeing a band of Apemen. Helping her escape with her life, they are shocked to find Renata's father is Dr. William Hargrove, a scientific contemporary of Challenger's. They travel to Hargrove's compound and discover he fled London when his pioneering work in genetic experimentation turned deadly. As the trio soon discovers, the plateau has been the perfect laboratory for Hargrove to tinker with DNA, both Apemen and human. Meanwhile, Summerlee, Marguerite and Malone come upon a strange, old witch whose "necklace" is a pair of radio headphones. She promises to show them where she found a radio transmitter, but they'll have to help her with a spell first and Malone's blood is the key ingredient in her potion.

116. Time After Time 
While out hunting, Roxton accidentally shoots a young woman, Catherine Reilly, who appears out of nowhere -- right in the path of Roxton's bullet. Guilt-ridden, Roxton nurses her back to health, despite Veronica's suspicions that Catherine is not who she claims to be. Meanwhile, Marguerite, Malone and Challenger meet up with James Kemper, who promises them a way off the plateau. But are they willing to pay the price? They are in the midst of an overgrown temple, partially in ruin. A conflict of fate begins whereby the face of history hangs on the balance. The decision the explorers make may well mean the end or their existence, not a way off the plateau.

117. Prodigal Father 
Back from a trading mission, Malone, Marguerite and Challenger come upon a man staked between two trees and set upon by wild dogs. They save his life, only to discover the man is Tom Layton -- Veronica's long lost father. As father and daughter are reunited, the others discover Tom is being stalked by a bounty hunter named Kartas. With a wide variety of weapons at his disposal Kartas dispatches anyone or anything in his way with lethal precision. Convinced Tom is a cold-blooded murderer, Kartas goes after Roxton and Malone to make sure no one can prevent him from killing Tom. Veronica in turn resolves nothing -- and no one -- will break up her family again. However, Tom has a few tricks of his own which soon find our adventurers pitted against each other as they slowly uncover the truth.

118. Birthright 
Deep in the jungle, Marguerite, Challenger and Malone come upon a buried, mummified corpse. They are shocked when it springs to life before them. They learn the would-be corpse, Ramsees, is Egyptian royalty. He weaves a tale about a wonderful kingdom with untold riches and how he was to become king. He then enlists our heroes in a plan to reclaim the throne he says has been stolen from him by his sister, Neferetti After agreeing to help, the three discover there is more to the dispute than Ramsees is revealing. He rules with an iron fist, enslaving his former enemies. The adventurers decide they must defeat Ramsees by convincing the true heir... his sister, to accept the responsibility of rule. Meanwhile, Summerlee is relentlessly pursued by a T-Rex after she mistakenly believes him responsible for the death of her babies. Roxton and Veronica must help their friend or perish with him as a T-Rex lunch.

119. Resurrection 
After days of searching the mountains for a pass off the plateau, Roxton and Marguerite are camped for the night when they are taken by surprise by Norse warriors. Roxton is run through with a sword by the leader, Ursula. As he sinks to his knees, Marguerite is hauled off by the raiders. Near death, Roxton is visited by a mystical young boy named Osric, who offers a deal. Osric will restore Roxton's life so he can save Marguerite. However, there is a catch. Roxton agrees to the deal and Marguerite is saved. It turns out that Osric is the soul of evil who has been imprisoned on the Lost World. He reappears and gleefully informs Roxton that he must murder Bergen, an old man with a long-standing hold over the boys' manipulative intentions. Roxton refuses to kill the old man, but Osric has many deadly ways to get what he wants. Meanwhile, Malone and Veronica must defend their Treehouse from a band of cutthroats who will stop at nothing to take it from them.

120. The Chosen One 
Teenage Gideon and his mentor Davos are on a mission to fulfill the boy's destiny of leading his tribe of Moya out of the bondage of the evil Goths. Roxton and Marguerite come upon them, just as Davos is fatally wounded in a Goth attack. Before he dies, Davos charges Roxton with ensuring Gideon and the "Star of Hope" quarterstaff he carries, reach their destination. The time has come for him to take his rightful place... but he has been betrayed, his mentor murdered. Roxton resolves to escort the boy back to his people. Marguerite reluctantly goes along. At the Treehouse, Malone bonds with a woman named Kaya who kisses him passionately. What he doesn't know is that Kaya is the human host to a dying species that needs a human pair in order to reproduce. Kaya's kiss passes the parasitic creature into Malone. As Veronica wrestles with jealousy, she discovers Kaya's hold over Malone may be a deadly one.

121. Prophecy 
Exploring the Plateau, Roxton, Marguerite, Veronica and Malone hear a scream for help. A horse and wagon race toward the edge of the cliff, out of control with a terrified woman at the reins. Roxton leaps to the rescue and the flamboyant beauty he saves introduces herself as Isadore, "Queen of the Gypsies and teller of fortunes." She offers a bottle of wine, and reads each of their immediate futures... benign, even silly... until she gets to Malone: "You will battle a monster with razor sharp claws. He will rip the heart from your chest." When they wake the next morning, Isadore is gone - along with their guns and ammo. They set off after Isadore and discover Isadore's visions are accurate and they fear her vision of Malone's death will come true. Meanwhile, on a plant collecting trip, Challenger and Summerlee are taken by surprise by Raptors in the jungle. Defending themselves, they find to their terror that the Raptors are not acting as beasts but as intelligent creatures, working together in an effort to herd them to their deaths.

122. Barbarians at the Gate 
Challenger, Summerlee, Roxton and Marguerite take off in the balloon after calculating a rare weather pattern which may allow them to escape the tumultuous winds off the plateau. Seen by a rampaging group of Raiders, the balloon is shot down. So begins a deadly game of cat and mouse between our adventurers and the Raiders. Drakul and his son Thane have resolved to rule the plateau with the help of their newfound weapon -- gunpowder. Meanwhile, Malone and Veronica learn how the Raiders gained the secret of gunpowder when the half-human, half-dinosaur Tribune drops at their feet having been double-crossed and nearly killed by Drakul. This event begins their uneasy alliance, as the one-time enemies must unite in an attempt to steal the store of gunpowder Drakul has amassed. The Raiders vow not to stop until death greets all those who stand in their way. Together, the adventurers will risk everything, facing death in the end as they plunge over a chasm into oblivion in the struggle to save the Lost World.


     2nd Season 

201.All or Nothing 
      On a bridge spanning a deep gorge, a fierce battle unfolds with Drakul's raiders. Marguerite and Veronica watch as Summerlee is hit. Tribune, betrayed by Drakul, hurls a bomb that destroys the bridge...throwing the men into the river far below. Veronica clings to the hope that her friends have survived and searches for them with Marguerite. Once reunited, they discover that Tribune has saved Roxton's life and demands a favor in return. Since they need a boat to return home, they follow Tribune to a run-down fishing village - where he disappears. A beautiful prostitute named Raina informs them that Nemak has enslaved the town. When our gang clashes with Nemak and his goons, they are thrown into jail.

202. Amazons 
While looking for a way off the plateau, Roxton, Malone, and Challenger are saved by three Amazon women from an attack by a vicious flock of pterodactyls. Invited back to their camp, they find there are no men or boys, yet they are welcomed with open arms. While the Amazons celebrate
by the light of a full moon, the men happily learn that it's breeding time -- and they have been chosen as studs. By the time they realize they will die as soon as they have served their purpose, it's too late to save themselves.

203. Tourist Season
      Challenger is trying to harness the energy of lightning when a gigantic bolt splits the sky. In a blinding flash, the ground is scorched, and by some miracle, no one is injured. In the silence after the thunder, the sputtering sound of a small engine is heard, and a small plane appears in the distant sky. It drops from view, crashing into the jungle. All survive: four modern day tourists - a couple, a middle-aged man and a gorgeous young woman. The group are set upon by a hostile tribe and taken prisoner. Our explorers arrive to find only the disabled plane, which Challenger and Malone set about trying to repair. Kenner, the leader of the hostile tribe, is fascinated by his captives but keeps them in a dungeon. Roxton and Veronica devise a plan to save them.

204. Stone Cold 
While mapping an unexplored valley, Roxton is surprised by a terrified young woman, who after uttering an enigmatic warning, dies in Marguerite's arms. Roxton, Marguerite, and Malone head toward an ominous castle when a sudden rainstorm forces them to seek shelter. There, under a mysterious influence, the three are led to separate rooms where they each find opulent evening wear of the same vintage as that worn by the young woman.
Marguerite and the two men begin to take on new personalities, eerily re-enacting a romantic triangle of intrigue, with Marguerite playing Roxton against Malone as both men compete for her attention. Meanwhile Challenger
and Veronica similarly find themselves at the castle, where they are welcomed by Roxton, Marguerite, and Malone, all strangely possessed by the spirit-wearers

205. Divine Right
A riderless horse approaches our explorers, as if on a mission. When Roxton saddles up, the horse carries him to a mountain tribe, who welcome him as their king. Roxton tries to decline, but when the royal advisor, Balar,
tells him that if he's an imposter; he shall die, Roxton reconsiders. Using the horse, Roxton tries to warn hisfriends. Balar has the horse followed and they are captured. One of the customs of the tribe is to sacrifice a virgin to appease a monstrous dragon, but Roxton saves the young woman and steps right into Balar's trap. The only way to stop the dragon now is for the rightful king to hunt it down and kill it.

206. Skin Deep
When Marguerite starts being nice to everyone, they wonder what she's up to. Even when pushed to find out why she's acting this way, she maintains her
uncharacteristic serenity. In the jungle, Roxton and Veronica are attacked by a dinosaur that after giving them a huge scare, starts to move very clumsily, giving them a chance to escape. We learn that an alien invader, who could not control the dinosaur's huge body, occupied it. We also learn that Marguerite's body has been possessed when she drops her spoon into a vat of boiling water and
plunges her arm in to retrieve it - with no ill effect. We discover that the Alien Invaders are skeletons that our heroes have to fight.

207. London Calling 
Our adventurers recover an ancient map showing the escape route from the Lost World. Knowing they will face skeptics in the scientific world to which they shall return, Challenger and Malone capture a T-Rex egg to take with
them. Veronica cannot share their joy, however, for she must continue her search for her long lost parents. Malone's dreams of successfully returning to his beautiful fiancée in London appear to come true. But is this what he really wants?

208. The Prisoner
A mysterious old woman, a shape-shifter, appears to Veronica, convincing her that her lost parents are safe in El Dorado. The woman gives her the directions to its entrance in a rock wall, and warns that she must tell no one and can never return. When Veronica unwittingly releases a savage giant from captivity, Marguerite and the others must use all their talents to subdue him again.

209. the Games
Empress Centuria has ordered her lizardmen to hunt kill Tribune, who flees to the tree house for help. They track him there and overwhelm  our heroes. Malone, Margaurite are taken prisoner along with Tribune and brought back to Centuria's city. Malone posing as Prof. Challenger, is ordered to make gunpowder, while Roxton and Margaurite are sent to the gladiators' dungeon.

210. The Source 
A young woman saves our heroes from raging Raptors during a drought and begs their help as an escort. She is the last survivor of her people and is gifted with the knowledge of the Fountain of Youth. 

211. Trophies 
The Lost World is shatters by gunfire as trophy hunters attempt to capture a Troglodyte Child. Veronica goes into the jungle to save it, only to become the new target of the hunters. 

212. Voodoo Queen 
Drums sound through the jungle and Roxton is seduced by a beautiful woman. She uses voodoo to lure Roxton back to her village and enslaves him. The others must fight to save Roxton. 

213. The Guardian 
Challenger is knocked unconscious and dragged to a hidden village by three youths. Veronica and Marguerite follow the tracks and get inside the city only the learn the village is protected by a meat eating plant that must be fed daily.  Challenger is to be the plants next meal.

214. Under Pressure 
The explorers have a strange guest at the Treehouse who impresses Challenger with his knowledge of geology. Meanwhile something attacks Challenger's electrostatic accumulator. The explorers chase after a group of
underground dwellers whom they believe to be the culprits. Their guest turns out to be one of them, and the explorers are soon taken hostage. It turns out that the underground dwellers need Challenger's scientific expertise to help them evolve above ground.

215. The Outlaws 
Roxton and Marguerite are out looking for a way off the plateau when they discover a promising looking crevice. Once through, they discover an old English village where they meet a masked woman who has just robbed the local pub. She drops her bag of spoils in front of the two explorers and vanishes. Roxton and Marguerite enter the pub in an effort to find the rightful owners of the loot, when they are promptly arrested by the local prosecutor. When Roxton tries to escape, he is shot.

216. Quality of Mercy 
Veronica and Malone are captured by an angry mob who need slaves to mine their quarry. They soon discover that their fellow prisoners are not human; they are machines who are helping aliens repair their spaceship. 

217. Mark of the Beast 
Roxton and Marguerite return to the treehouse to find it raided by a monkey. They follow the monkey to a cave where they find an amulet that leaves a mark of a dinosaur skull on their hands. Those infected with the mark soon begin to morph into their “animal” selves.

218. Survivors 
Challenger and Marguerite discover an ancient Temple whose entrance is guarded by a carving of three armed warriors. When Marguerite falls into a pit of spikes, Challenger must leave her, to get help. As he leaves, the Guardians come to life. While Marguerite lies bleeding, she hallucinates. As Challenger is returning with the others, the Guardians attack them with invincible strength, but stop suddenly when they see Malone bleeding from a chest wound. While Veronica takes Malone home, the others hurry to the temple. When Roxton and Challenger reach her, Marguerite is baffled when they can see her hallucination, Adrienne. Following Adrienne's claims there is an exit from the plateau via the Temple, Challenger follows her map to the Temple's altar where he is confronted by William Maple White, a dead colleague whose journals had led him to the Lost World.

219. the Pirate's Curse 
Marguerite and Roxton are enjoying an intimate moment, when suddenly the earth moves! They find themselves sprawled in the bottom of a pit, with a pirate's skeleton and his cursed treasure chest filled with a fortune in booty.
Unimpressed by a little curse, Marguerite takes it to the Treehouse. Challenger and Malone find the pirate's journal, and decide to unravel his story. Traveling to the described inland sea, they are ambushed by pirate descendant Pappin, who seizes the journal. He sends his men to find the treasure, then shackles Malone in a tidal cave, leaving Challenger tied up in his shack

220. the Visitor 
When Malone is slashed by a beast in the jungle, he shoots wildly. While looking for the animal, he and Veronica come across Danu, her childhood sweetheart, wounded, and warning them of the danger from this beast. Later that night, the team is disturbed by a howling animal, and discovers Danu gone and Malone feverish. Marguerite stays to nurse Malone, the others search for Danu, hoping to learn more about Malone's condition. Veronica leads them to his village, where only a witchdoctor and a few warriors armed with silver-tipped weapons, remain. The witchdoctor tells them that Danu has become a werewolf and must be killed by silver or fire, there is no cure. She
gives Veronica a potion to delay the onset of Malone's transformation, then sends Challenger and Roxton to the Valley of Shadows where the werewolves live. Danu, wanting to transform Veronica to a werewolf like him, drives her towards the Valley of Shadows

221. A Man of Vision 
During a powerful thunderstorm on the plateau, all five of our heroes experience dreams and visions of their "lost" colleague, Summerlee, who had disappeared into a raging waterfall and presumed dead. Malone sets off after
this ghost, and Challenger Marguerite and Roxton follow Ned. The three are ambushed by cannibals who fancy Marguerite's arm for an aperitif. Roxton and Challenger break free and save her, and then the three resume their hunt for Malone, only to be trapped by a hungry T-Rex. Ned meanwhile, has fallen and knocked himself out. He regains consciousness, concussed and thirsty, and follows Summerlee's ghost along a dry riverbed. He stumbles and twists his ankle, but still hobbles on. Summerlee appears to be leading him to the now dry waterfall where he was last seen.

222. Into the Fire
Our heroes are astonished to see a British Navy dirigible flying low over their plateau. Malone, working away from the rest, is close enough to catch the last rung of its boarding ladder and clambers aboard. He finds the airship damaged and without crew, but as he opens a logbook, Capt. Askwith appears, and knocks Malone unconscious. As the airship flies beyond view, the others hear screams from a T-Rex hatchery. Luring the dinosaur
away, they rescue, not Malone, as they expected, but Askwith! He claims not to have seen Malone. Marguerite is quite taken by him, and offers to bring him back to the Treehouse to recover. Roxton, a little jealous, and very
suspicious, accompanies them, as Challenger and Veronica follow the airship. They locate it in foothills nearby, and discover that the damage is not too serious, and enough fuel for three days flight off the plateau.


  3rd Season:

301. Out of the Blue 
There's no escape for the Challenger Expedition when Captain Askwith's mysterious airship explodes in a fiery crash. But moments later, when Challenger, Roxton, and Marguerite appear on a British air station in 1915 -- on the same day the airship was launched on its final mission -- they realize they truly have taken the place of the captain's original crew. After two years of struggling to escape the Plateau, Challenger and his friends must now fight to return to it by once again taking flight on the doomed dirigible. At the same time, Veronica appears on the Plateau, and in a shocking confrontation with Captain Askwith, realizes she has her own mission to complete: pursue Askwith and somehow return him to his ship

302. The Travelers 
While searching for the missing Malone, Marguerite is saved from a cannibal attack by a dashing trio of bandits. Their leader, the elegant Francois Locke, invites her to join his band of thieves. Marguerite declines his offer, only to be presented with proof that Locke can give her what she desires most - a way off the Plateau. Meanwhile, as Challenger, Roxton, and Veronica search for Marguerite, they discover evidence that the bandits are something other than human. Even worse, they receive a ransom note from them, demanding Marguerite's jewels in exchange for her release. But when they deliver the ransom, they're shocked to see that Marguerite isn't a prisoner at all - she appears to have joined Locke's group

303. Eye For An Eye 
While exploring a mysterious dinosaur bone yard, Roxton is attacked by a charging Ttriceratops and kills it, not out of necessity but in anger. However, the bone yard is actually a sacred animal burial ground, protected by a beautiful, half-human, half-dinosaur guardian named Oseena. To punish Roxton for his crime, Oseena curses him to become the prey in a hunt that will end only with his death. Shaken by his encounter with Oseena, Roxton returns to the treehouse, but the hunter tracks him relentlessly and then captures Marguerite, using her as bait to lure Roxton into a deadly trap. Roxton returns to Oseena's burial ground to confront the hunter and save Marguerite

304. True Spirit 
An unsettling dream and a ghostly encounter convince Veronica that Malone is trapped in the spirit realm and needs her help to escape. At the same time, Assai and Challenger investigate a mysterious symbol burned into a field of grass, which Assai identifies as the mark of Saros, a bloodthirsty warlord who was overthrown by the Zanga and died swearing to return from the grave to wreak vengeance on the living. Back at the treehouse, Marguerite and Veronica use a Ouija board to contact Malone, which results in a frightening display of poltergeist-like activity, and a brief, but terrifying manifestation of Saros. Assai is convinced that any new attempt to rescue Malone from the spirit realm threatens to release Saros instead.

305. The Knife 
When Malone finds a knife, he is transported back to the East End of London in 1888, the scene of Jack the Ripper's brutal murders. In the nightmare of his visions, Malone sees his friends playing key roles in the crimes, both as conspirators and victims. Meanwhile, Veronica is approached by a famous British doctor, who enlists her to help find his missing knife. Could this man be Jack the Ripper? Or is it the Scotland Yard Inspector who runs into Roxton and Marguerite? Charmed by the Inspector and his claim to know a way off the plateau, Marguerite is eager to assist him in apprehending the Ripper. Marguerite realizes she could be walking into a deadly trap. Veronica is left to confront and defeat the infamous killer to prevent the murderous cycle from being repeated on the plateau.

306. Fire in the Sky 
Challenger, Malone and Veronica are exploring ruins on a riverbank, when a man stumbles out of the jungle in a hail of deadly arrows. Malone drags the wounded man to safety, who dies in their arms issuing a cryptic message to find a man named Pierson Rice. Challenger recognizes the name as that of a vain glorious hunter whom Roxton once held in high regard. The trio send a message to Roxton and Marguerite, then hurry on in search of Rice. Roxton is disgusted to learn that his one-time hero may be alive and well. Arriving at a native village, our heroes discover that Rice is far from peril -- in fact, he has made the natives his loyal subjects. With the help of his cold-hearted lieutenant, Rice plans to eliminate the queen and marry her beautiful daughter to consolidate his power.

307. Dead Man's Hill 
When Roxton happens upon a hangman's noose dangling from a lonely tree in the jungle, he's suddenly transported back to the American West where he finds himself at the end of the rope. Facing him is Challenger, but in this world he's known as Sheriff Jack Challenger, a cruel lawman who neither recognizes Roxton nor listens to his plea of innocence. Saved by a rancher's widow, Roxton begins a strange journey to clear his name and find his way back to the Lost World. Along the way he runs into all of his friends but none of them recognize him -- Malone is a cold-hearted gunslinger, Veronica runs the local saloon and trading post, and Marguerite is the beautiful widow who saved Roxton's life. As Roxton struggles to make sense of it all, he is drawn to a final showdown in the saloon, where he must face his friends in a deadly shootout.

308. Hollow Victory 
Challenger develops a new way to create lift in the balloon. All go along for a test flight, but the balloon is drawn into violent turbulence then crash-lands inside the vast caldera of an extinct volcano where our heroes find themselves trapped in a world beneath the earth's surface. With the balloon damaged and the supply of iron lost, our heroes can only survive for a matter of days in this hot and hostile environment. Aleece, a strong-willed female warrior-in-training, hurries to the rescue. In exchange for a ride in the balloon she offers to help replenish the iron that is needed. Malone accompanies her to a mine, but instead of raw ore, her plan is to steal from the supply of a vengeful exile named Arjax. After being caught by Arjax, Malone and Aleece face death unless they lead Arjax back to the balloon.

309. A Witch's Calling 
When a powerful witch named Dame Alice feels threatened by Challenger's science, she calls upon her two beautiful acolytes to help undo his power. In order to earn full witchhood, the two must lure Challenger's "guards" - Roxton and Malone - to the witch's castle while she goes head to head with the "wizard" - Challenger - herself. While the two young witches distract Roxton and Malone, Dame Alice visits the Treehouse for a visit. In spite of Marguerite's protests and warnings, Challenger is intrigued by the witch's power and too easily lowers his guard. When Dame Alice sabotages Challenger's newest invention and almost kills him, it is only Marguerite's quick thinking that saves the scientist from his own folly. But in the end it is not Challenger's life that is in danger, but the lives of Roxton and Malone….

310. Brother in Arms 
When Keeran Raiders attack, a deadly poison dart forces Malone to relive a long-suppressed memory-his baptism of fire as a battlefield correspondent in World War I. Caught up in this nightmarish hallucination, Malone is once again an untried reporter cut off from Allied lines when an enemy advance pushes deep into No Man's Land. When the three battle-weary British soldiers who've been assigned to escort him are picked off by enemy action, the young reporter who's never fired a gun must take up arms to save his own life and the life of a wounded sergeant.

311. Ice Age 
When a blindingly bright meteor strikes the Plateau, Challenger, Roxton, and Marguerite set out to investigate the impact site. But the closer they get, the colder the temperature becomes. As the explorers turn back, they discover what appears to be a victim of the intense cold - a beautiful, blue-skinned woman, unconscious and nearly frozen. To save her life, the explorers take her back with them. When the frigid temperatures reach the Treehouse and all attempts to warm the woman makes her condition worse, Challenger suspects that things are not as they appear. Roxton and Marguerite are attacked by a group of blue-skinned male warriors and the truth becomes clear - the heat-absorbing meteorite now buried in the Plateau is the first step in a terrifying invasion of creatures who need the cold to survive

312. The End Game 
Ambushed in the jungle, Roxton narrowly escapes with his life only to learn that he has apparently cheated death once too often. The Grim Reaper, in the guise of a dark seductress - is determined to add his soul to her collection. Transported to her domain - a bleak and desolate wasteland - Roxton must face a series of challenges if he hopes to get out alive. And to make the game more interesting, Death raises the stakes by putting the lives of his friends on the line as well. Confronted by shifting rules and deception, Roxton cannot hope to win. At every turn, Death torments and goads him, encouraging him to abandon his friends to save himself. Round one goes to Death, rounds two and three as well, and with growing horror, Roxton loses Challenger, Veronica, and finally his beloved Marguerite to Death's netherworld inferno

313. Phantoms 
Alone in the jungle, Veronica hears piano music and follows it to its source - a 19th century German village that has suddenly appeared in a fog choked valley. To her surprise, the handsome musician, Thomas Ducart, announces that he wrote the beautiful melody for her. Flattered by the musician’s attention, Veronica takes him to the Treehouse, but Challenger is concerned. He fears that Ducart’s village may be unstable, and Veronica could disappear into another dimension if she returns to the village with Ducart. Even more disturbing, are Challenger’s ill feelings about Ducart’s designs on Veronica, but Challenger’s warnings only drive the beguiled Veronica further into Ducart’s passionate embrace

314. The Secret 
A mysterious visitor attacks Veronica, leaving an enigmatic ivory tile as his calling card. But when Marguerite finds the tile, she hides it from the others because only she knows what it means… one of the deepest secrets of her past has finally caught up with her, and now endangers her life and those of her friends. Back on the Plateau, with her friends facing death because of her actions in the past, Marguerite has no choice but to finally reveal the real reason she funded the Challenger Expedition, and what she has come to the Plateau to find

315. Finn 
Using the Plateau's mysterious energy lines as a source of power, Challenger constructs a machine to send the explorers back to London. But when he, Roxton, and Marguerite find themselves in the same place they started from, they conclude the machine is a failure and head back to the Treehouse-only to discover the Treehouse is gone! While investigating what else has changed, Roxton is captured by slavers with automatic weapons and stripped-down cars, and learns the shocking truth-he and his friends are in the year 2033, eighteen years after an apocalyptic war devastated every place on Earth except for the Plateau.

316. Suspicion 
When a lost archaeological expedition discovers a mysterious burial urn, the young student who opens it suddenly collapses in convulsions. Though she quickly recovers, Professor Hamilton, the expedition's leader, suspects she's contracted a disease from the urn's skeletal remains. He believes that's the only rational explanation for the inscription on the urn, warning that an evil demon is imprisoned within. But the next day, Roxton and Marguerite discover the expedition's camp has been torn apart, and that of all the archaeologists only two survive-Hamilton and his rival, Professor Campbell. In a tense standoff, the two men claim the other is possessed by the demon. Roxton's and Marguerite's intervention only succeeds in making the archaeologists suspect the demon has jumped into one of the two explorers.

317. The Imposters 
Challenger, Roxton, and Marguerite take Finn to a cave where one year earlier a blinding light opened a doorway to another reality. Once inside, the explorers witness an eerie apparition of a man Finn recognizes and fears. But when Finn races from the cave, the three figures who follow are not her friends-they're Kayle, Una, and Rixxel, three demons who have taken the place of Challenger, Roxton, and Marguerite. If the demons can remain on the Plateau for two days, they will permanently replace the explorers, and Kayle will be free to bring chaos and destruction to the world. In the final deadly showdown between Finn and the demons, Finn must make the decision of her life-save the future or save her friends. Until an unexpected sacrifice changes everything…

318. Elixir 
Hoping to end starvation, Challenger becomes the first human subject to test his new experimental substitute for food. But his nutritional beverage is not as successful for him as it was for his lab mice, and he quickly becomes obsessed with discovering the reason why. Then obsession leads to madness as Challenger is confronted by two opposing hallucinations. The first is a vision of himself as a young, driven scientist. The second is his beloved wife, Jessie, as he left her in London three years earlier. Unconscious and near death, Challenger is finally discovered by his friends. But will their limited medical knowledge be enough to reverse the ravages of his experiment, without placing him in even greater peril.

319. Tapestry 
When Challenger discovers the wreckage of a World War I transport plane, he’s captured by its pilot, Lieutenant Drummond. Drummond has been stranded for five years since the crash, protecting the plane’s cargo—a crate of iridium ingots stolen from the Royal Navy. Challenger is astounded to see the iridium because it had been intended for his secret wartime research. The sight of it prompts him to remember the night five years earlier, when he was questioned about the theft by two British intelligence agents working for MI5. Back on the Plateau, when Challenger and Drummond arrive at the Treehouse, Marguerite recognizes the iridium, too—she also was a suspect in its theft, and she recalls her own MI5 interrogation, the same night Challenger was questioned

320. Legacy 
Led by a dream, Veronica touches her mother's pendant to a stone monolith. A flash of mysterious energy knocks her unconscious, causing her to relive her last days with her long-lost parents as a young girl. When she awakes, she's shocked to realize her new memories don't match what she's always remembered of that time.With the fate of her parents no longer unknown, Veronica is at peace, though she realizes a larger mystery is still to be revealed-her mother's pendant is somehow the key to her own destiny… and that destiny is fast approaching.

321. Trapped 

322. Heart of the Storm
Two days before Challenger's latest attempt to leave the Plateau by balloon, Veronica and Finn encounter a strange phenomenon and are briefly transported into the post-apocalyptic future of New Amazonia. Soon after, Roxton finds himself being chased by 17th-century Conquistadors while Marguerite is captured by Druids determined to sacrifice her in order to avert a mysterious storm which is fast approaching. As different planes of reality continue to collide, Veronica at last realizes the time has come for her to fulfill her destiny as Protector and wield her mother's pendant-the Trion. But even as she prepares to sacrifice her life to save her friends, she does not know if she's made the right decision-for once the power of the Trion is unleashed, will it save the Plateau, or destroy it?






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