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   M.A.N.T.I.S. was an American science fiction television series that aired for one season on the Fox Network between August 26, 1994 and March 3, 1995.

   The original two-hour pilot was produced by Sam Raimi and developed by Sam Hamm. It stars actor Carl Lumbly. The show is unique in that it depicts an African-American superhero. 

     The wealthy, mild-mannered doctor Hawkins is shot in the spine during a riot, leaving him paralyzed from the waist down.

     After losing a lawsuit against a police officer he holds responsible, he uses his company's resources to invent a powered exoskeleton that not only enables him to walk but gives him superhuman abilities.

     Using a vast array of technology, including a large underwater lab and a hovercraft called the Crysalid to fly around the city, he assumes the persona of the vigilante "M.A.N.T.I.S." (Mechanically Augmented Neuro Transmitter Interception System).


     There were a number of differences between the pilot and the series. For example, in the pilot, Hawkins wore a suit over the exo-skeleton, it lacked a skullcap, and the headpiece was larger. The setting was changed from Oceania City to Port Columbia, and all of the characters, with Hawkins being an exception, were changed.

     The network scrapped the idea based on the pilot movie for two reasons. The pilot dealt heavily with racism, which the network wanted to stay clear of. The second was the series starred three black actors and no white actors. The series would have the black star, but two white people in the costarring roles.  

    In the series, the supporting cast was changed to John Stonebrake, Taylor Savage and Glalyn Gorg as Lt. Maxwell, with the plot being completely rebooted.












     The pilot featured Gina Torres (Firefly, Suits) as pathologist Dr. Amy Ellis, Bobby Hosea as reporter Yuri Barnes, and Wendy Raquel Robinson and Christopher M. Brown as a pair of African students studying under Hawkins.

     The bulk of the series' run depicted the M.A.N.T.I.S. operating in a vigilante role, frequently pursued by police, and battling industrialist Solomon Box (Brion James / Andrew J. Robinson). 

     Poor ratings led to an extensive retooling of the concept. Midway through the show's run, minor characters were jettisoned, and more fantasy adventure elements were incorporated into the premise, including parallel universes, time travel, super-villains, and monsters. In one particular episode, the M.A.N.T.I.S. is accidentally thrown 32 years into the future, where he finds that his own technology has been exploited to create a supercomputer that is being used to enslave the Port Columbia population. He destroys it and sets the human population free before returning to his own time.

     In the series' final installment, Miles Hawkins and Lt. Maxwell are killed disposing of an invisible prehistoric dinosaur. John Stonebrake seals off the records and technology that had created the M.A.N.T.I.S., thus averting an apocalyptic future. While the title character's death was given a sense of finality, the story was left open in one respect: when Miles Hawkins returned to 1994 from the year 2026 (a 32 year difference), he did so precisely 32 seconds after his vehicle sent him forward in time, thus altering the computer-controlled future that his disappearance had led to. As such, Miles Hawkins, while dying in the reality that he returned to, was also sent forward in time to an unknown future.  

      The series was produced in Vancouver BC Canada. Many Vancouver landmarks such as the dome of Science World appear. It took 3 Years to film due to Carl Lumbly being busy filming NightJohn






    In the series the Mantis costume would change. The head piece would get an upgrade, the suit now included a cowl and M.A.N.T.I.S. would no longer wear the suit over the exo-skeleton. 

     The supporting cast was changed to John Stonebrake, Taylor Savage and Glalyn Gorg as Lt. Maxwell, with the plot being completely rebooted.
















Carl Lumbry Dr. Miles Hawkins
Roger Rees Dr. John Stonebrake
Christopher Gartin Taylor Salvidge
Glalyn Gorg Lt. Leora Maxwell
Gary Graham Captain Ken Hetrick
Jerry Wesserman Det. Paul Warren 
Gary Chalk  Det. Reid
Blu ManKuma  Cheif Grant   4 eps

Only Season 1994

1.    24 Jan 94 pilot (1)
2.    24 Jan 94 pilot (2)
3.    26 Aug 94 First Steps
4.    2 Sep 94 Tango Blue
5.    9 Sep 94 Days of Rage
6.    16 Sep 94 Cease Fire
7.    23 Sep 94 Soldier of Misfortune (a.k.a. Virtually Falling Down)
8.    30 Sep 94 Gloves Off (a.k.a. No Exit)
9.    7 Oct 94 The Black Dragon
10.  14 Oct 94 To Prey in Darkness
11.  21 Oct 94 Fire in the Heart
12.  4 Nov 94 Thou Shalt Not Kill (1)
13.  11 Nov 94 Revelation (2) (a.k.a. Inside Out)
14.  18 Nov 94 Through the Dark Circle
15.  9 Dec 94 The Eyes Beyond
16.  16 Dec 94 Faces in the Mask
17.  6 Jan 95 The Sea Wasp
18.  20 Jan 95 Progenitor
19.  27 Jan 95 Switches
20.  10 Feb 95 The Delusionist
21.  17 Feb 95 Fast Forward
22.  3 Mar 95 Spider in the Tower
23.  UNAIRED Ancestral Evil
24.  UNAIRED Ghost of the Ice















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