Misfits jumped onto the scene in October of 1985.

     Billy Hayes (Dean Paul Martin), A brilliant young scientist, is out of a job at the Humanadyne Scientific Complex. He teams up with 'Big El' (Kevin Peter Hall (creature in Predator & Harry and the Henderson) his friend and co-worker, who focuses his research on growth development. Big El's discovery of a shrinking serum should then not come as a surprise to Billy, yet it does..... Once an hour, he can reduce his tremendous stature of 7'4'' to a mere 7 inches.

     Billy Hayes puts together a little team of misfits that include "Bill El", the electrifying assistance of Johnny B. (Mark Thomas Miller), a former guitar player with the uncanny ability to draw power from energy sources and redirect it through his own body, and Gloria (Courtney Cox - Friends fame), a 17 year telekinetic powerhouse, and her probation offers Jan (Jennifer Holmes). Together they are known as the Misfits of Science.

      This entertaining one-hour series was from MCA TV
International. Oh, the theme song is pretty darn good too. LOL

     The name 'Misfits of Science' (and other conceptual ideas) was the brainchild of the then president of NBC Entertainment, Brandon Tartikoff. Notably, episode 9 was the first paid writing job for Tim Kring who later originated and produced the thematically similar Heroes in 2006. 

     More than 20 years after its original airing, the show is still popular among fans and enthusiasts of the era, and in 2013 has experienced a resurgence of interest. Fansites and Facebook groups have sprung up, including one from France where it is gaining new life from the DVD release of the entire series. The fan base has a presence on Tumblr, and there are Twitter feeds dedicated to the show and its characters.










     A team of super heroes (two scientists, a former musician, a probation officer and a young girl with super natural powers) achieve the status of national heroes and become international celebrities. 'Misfits of Science' follows their adventures into "the funny, the weird and the sometimes dangerous."
     There are familiar fasces in the series, as Courtney Cox a co-star of 'Friends' and Max Wright you might remember as 'Willie' in the TV Series 'Alf' 
     The series was cut short as Dean Pal Martin, son of legendary actor/singer Dean Martin died in a plane crash during a military operation while in the reserves. Kevin Peter Hall would die years later from aids. He was well known for his creature performances as the predator and Harry, in Harry and the Hendersons.  











     All 17 Episodes aired on the Sci-Fi Channel.  It's unlikely this show with so few episodes will ever air again on a national television station. Hopefully they will land on DVD in the near future. 

     1st Season 1985

1.   4 Oct 85 ---  pilot (1)
2.   4 Oct 85 ---  pilot (2)
3.   18 Oct 85 ---  Your Place or Mayan?
4.   25 Oct 85 ---  Guess What's Coming to Dinner?
5.   1 Nov 85 ---  Lost Link
6.   8 Nov 85 ---  Sort of Looking For Gina
7.   15 Nov 85 ---  Sonar... Yet So Far
8.   29 Nov 85 ---  Steer Crazy
9.   6 Dec 85 ---  Fumble on the One
10  13 Dec 85 ---  Twin Engines
11.   27 Dec 85 ---  Grand Theft Bunny
12.  10 Jan 86 ---  Grand Elusion
13.  17 Jan 86 ---  Once Upon a Night
14.  31 Jan 86 ---  Center of Attention
15.  7 Feb 86 ---  Against All Oz
16.  21 Feb 86 ---  The Avenging Angel
17.  UNAIRED --- Three Days of the Blender (shown on sci-fi channel)


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