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     Thomas Veil was photographer. In 1994 he had it all. He had a wonderful life and thriving career.  In the course of single evening , seemingly his entire existence is erased.   All because of a single photograph. I have it, they want it, and they will do anything to get the negatives. 

    It appears as if some mysterious force has coerced Veil's family and friends in cooperating in some huge plan to erase every trace of him. 

     Thomas Veil is overwhelmed with his situation and questions his sanity. He is forced into a psychiatric hospital.  After learning the doctors are part of the mysterious plan he escapes to preserve his life. 

     Veil is all alone, with no option but to begin a desperate, dangerous quest to find out how and why this happened along with discovering who is behind this horrid scheme. 

     Actor Bruce Greenwood and his series No Where Man premiered on UPN in August of 1995. This series and many others followed Star Trek: Voyager on Wednesday nights at 9pm. 

     Despite decent ratings UPN canceled the series after just 25 episodes, It left fans hanging and Thomas Veil's mystery unsolved. 

     Many a series followed Voyager beside Nowhere Man.  Two other decent rated shows included  The Sentinel and Seven Days. 

     During the infancy of UPN Nowhere Man was given the Media treatment to welcome the seires into existence. 



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     Nowhere man ran for 25 episodes on UPN from August in 1995 thru May of 1996. 

1.  Absolute Zero  (90 minute pilot) 28 Aug 95 
2.  Turnabout  4 Sept 95 
3.  The Incredible Derek  11 Sept 95 
4.  Something About Her  18 Sept 95 
5.  Paradise On Your Doorstep 25 Sept 95 
6.  The Spider Webb  9 Oct 95 
7.  A Rough Whimper Of Insanity 16 Oct 95
8.  The Alpha Spike 30 Oct 95 
9.  You Really Got A Hold On Me 6 Nov 95 
10. Father  13 Nov 95 
11. An Enemy Within  20 Nov 95 
12. It's Not Such A Wonderful Life  27 Nov 95 
13.  Contact  15 Jan 96 
14. Heart of Darkness  22 Jan 96 
15. Forever Jung  5 Feb 96 
16. Shine A Light On You  12 Feb 96 
17. Stay Tuned  19 Feb 96 
18. Hidden Agenda  26 Feb 96 
19. Doppelganger  18 Mar 96 
20. Through a Lens Darkly  8 Apr 96 
21. The Dark Side of the Moon  15 Apr 96 
22. Calaway  29 Apr 96 
23. Zero Minus Ten  6 May 96 
24. Marathon  13 May 96 
25. Gemini Man  20 May 96





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