Space: Above and Beyond is a short-lived mid-1990s on the FOX Network, created and written by Glen Morgan and James Wong. Originally planned for five seasons, it ran only for the single 19951996 season. It was nominated for two Emmy Awards and one Saturn Award. 

Set in the years 2063 - 2064, the show focuses on the squadron of young pilots in the 58th Squadron known as the "Wildcards", members of the United States Marine Corps Space Aviator Cavalry. Stationed on the space carrier USS Saratoga, the act as infantry and pilots of SA-43 Endo/Exo- Atmospheric Attack Jet ("Hammerhead") fighters.

The Space: Above and Beyond milieu includes an underclass race of genetically engineered and artificially gestated humans who are born at the physical age of 18, and are collectively known as In Vitroes or sometimes, derogatorily, "tanks" or "nipple-necks". The In Vitroes have replaced the previous underclass, the artificial intelligences known as Silicates. These human-looking androids, referred to as "walking personal computers", have rebelled, formed their own societies, and wage a guerrilla war against human society. . The Silicates are also suspected of having some involvement with the Chigs.






















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