In the year 2104 the Earth colony Fort Hope on the distant planet Avalon struggles to survive. A small force of police/marines called the "Space Rangers Corps" are the first, last and only line of defense for the colonists against crime and the perils of interstellar exploration. The series concentrates on Captain John Boon and his team of Rangers aboard Ranger Slingship #377 - called the Tin Lizzie. 



     The show was a short run with a decent cast. Ran from Dec. 1992 to Jan. 1993 on CBS...  Only 6 episodes. Space Rangers was pre-empted constantly and never given a chance to find an audience. 





























Jeff Kaake 
Marjorie Monaghan 
Cary-Hiroyuki Tagawa 
Jack McGee 
Linda Hunt 
Danny Quinn 
Clint Howard 

Gottfried John 

Starz Action Channel aired the six episodes as three two-hour movies (90min each). 

101  FORT HOPE  
When a ship carrying Boon's old friend (Wings Hauser) crashes on a desolate planet that's also a sacred Graaka burial site, the Rangers attempt a rescue mission that could cost them their lives. Zyllyn tells Boon of an ancient weapon hidden on the planet a thousand years ago, and protected from intruders by deadly vegetation. Guest Stars: Pat Morita & Elise Richardson.

Col. Weiss asks the Rangers to trap a deadly alien - a request that Boon refuses until he learns a young boy (Rick Latini III) is trapped on an abandoned spaceship with some of the creatures. Once aboard the spaceship, they have difficulty finding him and learn the secret of his exceptionally long survival.

The Rangers are assigned a new android while they try to uncover the reasons behind a mining ship's hijacking. They become convinced that the mining ship was being used by arch-criminal Izzik for smuggling a deadly drug, but can they prove it before they have to return it. They also discover that Colnel Wiess plans to replace human Space Rangers with androids. 

A reptilian race of warriors known as Vee'Lons has threatened war unless Central Command agrees to their violent demands. The Ranger crew has 24 hours to honor their outrageous "requests" or face the consequences. With time running out as fast as their options, the Space Rangers battle to save Fort Hope... and themselves.

105  The TRIAL
Wicked Isogul, the ruthless Hobbaba crimelord, has a vicious new card up his sleeve: to destroy the Space Rangers intricate defense system from inside. His master plan to take over control of Fort Hope is brilliant - but the Space Rangers have a special surprise designed to stop Isogul's crime wave... permanently.

A has-been comedian (Buddy Hackett) crash lands on a prison planet on which there are no guards and from which no one ever leaves. Desperate to escape from yet another dress rehearsal for a visiting general (Danny's father), the rangers undertake to rescue the comedian. They land on the inhospitable prison planet and come face to face with its violent inhabitants, meantime the General holds Commander Chennault responsible for his sons safety.




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