V (also known as V: The Series) is a 45 minute weekly television series that aired in the United States on NBC in 1984-85. It is a continuation of the science fiction franchise about an alien invasion of Earth by a carnivorous race of reptilians known as "The Visitors" which was originally conceived by American writer, producer, and director Kenneth Johnson. Johnson, however, was not involved in the production of the weekly series. At a cost of one million dollars per episode, V was the most expensive series to be produced for television.



Following directly on from the events of the mini-series V: The Final Battle, the alien Diana escapes from her captured mothership in a shuttle, but is pursued by resistance member Mike Donovan. After a short fight, Donovan captures her.

One year after the day the Red Dust was deployed, now the international holiday called "Liberation Day", the former members of the Resistance and their Fifth Column allies have gone their separate ways and are each looking forward to prosperous careers and bright futures. As Diana is about to be put on trial for the atrocities she committed during the First Invasion, the company responsible for mass production of the Red Dust, Science Frontiers, has her abducted and taken to a secret cabin in the woods outside Los Angeles, where the company's CEO, Nathan Bates, offers Diana better accommodations in exchange for providing him with access to alien technology.

Donovan and Martin, meanwhile, pursue Nathan's agents in a stolen helicopter. After reaching the cabin, Donovan is knocked unconscious by Martin, who wants Diana dead. Before Martin can kill her, Diana is able to overpower him, stealing his pistol. She forces him to surrender his last antidote pill so she can temporarily survive on Earth and then shoots him, enabling her escape to the Southwest Tracking Station.

Martin tells Donovan about Diana's plan to contact the Visitor Fleet moments before his death, and Donovan sets off after her on foot. Donovan meets Ham Tyler, on Bates' payroll, and the two agree to pursue Diana together. Their attempts to stop her fail, and Diana escapes to a shuttle sent by a Visitor fleet hidden behind the Moon. Diana takes command and launches a full-scale invasion of Earth. She learns that the Red Dust bacterium needs freezing temperatures to regenerate, meaning that Visitor troops can safely attack Los Angeles and other cities in warmer climates.


     The Resistance assembles once more, now fighting the Visitors nationwide and also contending with the power-hungry Bates, who has used the power vacuum left behind by the collapse of the government to become governor of Los Angeles, declared an open city to both sides. The Resistance fights however it can, often joined by other rebel groups. Although 50% of the Earth is still protected from The Visitors by the Red Dust, the Resistance cannot use any more of it due to the toxic long-term effects it will have on the environment. Meanwhile, Elizabeth, who has transformed yet again and now looks like a young adult, becomes increasingly important in the cause for Earth's freedom, eventually controlling the destiny of both races and deciding the outcome of the conflict.


   Early Verdict !!!

The St. Louis Post-Dispatch wrote: "...a TV series with so much promise -- based on two successful, highly rated science fiction miniseries on NBC in the early 1980s -- produced such a silly, loathsome mess...NBC tried to make a weekly series out of [the mini-series that unraveled] the show so terribly it must surely rank as one of the worst TV sci-fi experiments ever. The cast becomes dangerously unstable. Ironside quits in the middle of the show's run with no apparent reason. Others are killed without meaning. The special effects are cheapened and the use of stock footage -- previously filmed scenes used again and again -- is maddening. (At one point, they actually used stock footage from the previous week's episode.)... What was once a pretty decent science fiction saga with good drama, humor and suspense ends up becoming "Dynasty" with lizard makeup and laser guns. There's even an episode in which Diana marries her alien boss named (what else?) Charles."
















Marc Singer
Fay Grant
Frank Ashmore
Robert Englund
Jane Badler
Richard Herd
Michael Ironside
Jeff Yagher
Michael Durrell
John Donavan
Dr. Juliet Parrish
Ham Tyler
Kyle Bates
Robert Maxwell




     There are 19 episodes in the series, which ran from October of 1984 until May of 1985. The two mini-series part one aired May of 1983, with the second part of the mini airing May of 1984. 
      As usual with the 70's and 80's Sci-Fi series, the creative writing was not there. Another fate the series suffered was the lack of budget and poor writing. 

1. Liberation Day
     It has been nearly one year since the Visitors were forced from the Earth because of the red dust. The visitor leader Diana who was captured to await trial for crimes against humanity escapes. Ham Tyler and Donavan chase after her. Diana reaches a communication/tracking center and radios the Visitor fleet in space to come pick here up. A visitor craft descends and Diana rejoins her fleet who is still within the bounds of the Earth's solar system. Visitor fifth columnist Martin from V: The Final Battle is killed by Diana and the starchild Elizabeth goes into a cocoon state of metamorphosis. Elias opens up a bar known as Club Creole. It later is to serve as a hideout for human resistance forces when the Visitors attack the Earth again.

2. Dreadnaught
     The starchild Elizabeth awakes from her cocoon and re-emters the world as a fully grown woman. She still has the mentality of a child though. Former human resistance leader Julie Parrish and Robert Maxwell holdup in a small ranch and attempt to help the starchild Elizabeth cope with her new physical form. Visitor shocktroopers arrive at the ranch and attempt to take the starchild and nearly succeed until the red dust slowly kills them off. Nathan Lane, the head of Scientific Frontiers the company responsible for mass producing the red dust toxin that killed off the visitors in the past strikes a deal with visitor leader Diana. Los Angeles is to be an open city where there will be no hostilities between visitors and humans, and no weapons. By so setting this up Nathan becomes a governor of sorts for the city. The visitors discover that the red dust toxin needs a period to regenerate as it is a bacteria, with such being the case areas of warmer climate pose less of a red dust threat than areas of cold weather. Diana is introduced to the new commander of the Visitor fleet Lydia, and takes an assessment of her fighting forces. Diana attempts to destroy Los Angeles to get out of her deal with Nathan Lane, but the resistance pilots a former captured Visitor mothership into a giant particle beam weapon in space to save the city at the cost of Robert Maxwell's life.

3. Breakout
     Mike Donavan and Ham Tyler attempt to rescue Mike's son Sean but get captured and put in a visitor prison camp. At the camp creatures that live within the sand prevent prisoners from escaping. Nathan Bates' son Kyle is also at the prison camp. Diana wants the starchild and bargains with Nathan for Elizabeth in exchange for his son Nathan. Nathan begins to search for the starchild in Los Angeles but Kyle escapes before such a search to find her has really been completed. Mike, Ham, and Kyle escape the prison compound.

4. The Deception
     Kyle Bates becomes more and more a part of the resistance rather than a pawn of his father's schemes. Kyle finds the starchild Elizabeth and gives her a ride on a motorcycle. On the way Kyle finds and retrieves a pouch from a jet fighter that is shot down. The pouch has a resistance message inside requesting the starchild Elizabeth be transported to New York for safety. Mike Donavan is captured and the sensual visitor Lydia attempts to extract information through holographic technology; she pretends to be Julie. A mock picture of the starchild as a little girl gives away this scheme to Mike who then forces his way out and escapes.

5. The Sanction
     Mike Donavan finally finds his son Sean in a visitor youth education training center. Mike battles the vistior instructer Klaus who attacks with a lazer whip.

6. Visitors Choice
     Visitor commander are planning a major meeting to discuss a new advance in human food processing technology. The resistance gets wind of this and plans a raid. Nathan Bates worries about the path his son is undertaking with the resistance and dispatches his assistance Mr. Chiang to question him and "talk some sense into him."

7. The Overlord
     The small town of Rawlinsville is being used as a source of cobalt, an energy source for visitor weapons. A gang of humans forces the townsfolk to mine the cobalt in exchange for financial gain from the visitors. The resistance plans an attack to free the town.

8. The Dissident
     Diana presents a scheme to Nathan Bates to enclose the city in a forcefield to increase their mutual control of Los Angeles. The resistance captures the force field's creator and attempts to take down the force field before it can become a problem.

9. Reflections in Terror
     Diana steals a blood sample from the starchild Elizabeth. From this blood sample, Diana creates a clone of the starchild which escapes. The visitor's best tracker is dispatched to track down the clone. A showdown ends with the clone dying to protect the real starchild. Ham Tyler and Mike Donavan smuggle orphan children into Los Angeles where they meet up with Ham's old buddy Chris Farber from V: The Final Battle.

10. The Conversion
     A new commander Charles, is dispatched to the Visitor fleet. There he plans to brainwash Ham Tyler into killing Mike Donvan. While trying to carry out the killing, Ham shoots Nathan Bates of Scientific Frontiers instead.

11. The Hero
     Diana dispatches one of her lieutenants, James in a mission to sabatoge the credibility of the resistance. James terrorizes LA in human disguise with his unit of shocktroopers who are pretending to be Resistance members.. Diana then threatens to kills resistance sympathesizers if resistance leaders Ham, Julie, and Mike do not surrender. Diana places John a visitor spy into the human resistance amidst the confusion.

12. The Betrayal
     Visitor spy John continues with his plan to impreganate Robin in hopes of producing another starchild for Diana. Willie of the Resistance gets shot while gathering information from a Visitor fifth columnist. While all of this is going on Kyle becomes suspicious of his dad actually being alive while seeing him speak on TV in a most healthy manner inspite of the devestating injuries he has suffered.

13. The Rescue
    Los Angeles is no longer an open city after Nathan Bates is found out to be dead. The visitors take advantage of this and launch an all out attack. Julie protects a pregnant lady and Visitor Charles plans to marry Diana so that he may better control her.

14. The Champion
     While delivering weapons to resistance forces in Arizona Mike Donavan stumbles upon a small community under rule by Visitor collaborators. Mike empowers the community to resist. Visitor commander Lydia is about to be executed for treason for killing her superior Charles via poison. Before this can happen, a new commander Inspector General Phillip arrives. Phillip is played by Frank Ashmore who played visitor fifth columnist Martin before he was killed. Phillip is Martin's twin brother. Phillip decides that the fate of Lydia will be tried in combat with Diana. The two female warriors decorate themselves in battle paint and go at it with sharpened staffs. When new evidence is introduced which shows that Lydia's prints were not on the glass that poisoned Charles the fight to the death is ended. Phillip invokes the inter-guardian rule which is meant to assure that neither Lydia nor Diana will harm the other until Charlie's true killer can be uncovered. The inter-guardian rule makes Lydia a protector of Diana, and Diana a protector of Lydia. If anything happens to one of them then the other is held accountable.

15. The Wildcats
     Diana and Lydia place the blame for the death of Charles their superior on a low ranking pharmacist Marta because her prints were on the glass used to kill him. The resistance enlists the aid of a youthful band of teenagers known as the Wildcats to help them locate a vaccine for diphtheria, an epidemic that is spreading rapidly.

16. The Littlest Dragon
     A fifth columnist and his pregnant wife flee a mothership with crystals necessary to power the defensive lasers of a mothership. Inspector General Phillip tracks them to earth and surrounds them with a laser cannon and shocktroopers. Among the troopers is a bloodthirsty visitor warrior known as Angela. Angela is promised a battlefield command position by Diana if she can kill Phillip. The family of visitor refugess finds there way to an abandoned warehouse where Mike Donavan, Kyle, and Willie provide protection. Willie helps deliver the visitor baby. Phillip battles Mike Donavan in hand to hand combat for honor because he believes Mike killed his brother Martin when in reality Diana did. After witnessing Mike's bravery, Phillip comes to the conclusion that Mike is a man of honor. The bloodthirsty visitor Angela attempts to kill Phillip but is shot from behind.

17. War of Illusions
     The supreme visitor leader sends a battlesphere to the Visitor fleet with his ultimate battle plan for victory against the Earth. The plan is to be carried out in an entirely automated computer driven fashion. The resistance breaks into Scientific Frontiers and gains access to a powerful computer. With the aid of a hacker the resistance hacks the Visitor's computer network and alters the battlesphere plan so it will fail. The premise of this episode is lunacy, as its hard enough for Apple operating system computers to interface with Microsoft operating systems let alone with unknown variants like an alien computer network would be. This episode is just like the later Independence Day movie where one lone Mac created virus takes down a vast computer driven Alien mothership attack force. Its not logical nor feasible. This is feel good TV at its worst.

18. The Secret Underground
     Visitor commander Lt. James' squad acquires a disk with the locations of resistance gathering points. Mike and Julie sneak into the Visitor mothership in disguise to try to retrieve it before the information can bring harm to the resistance. Onboard the mothership Lydia's brother is scheduled to be sacrificed as part of the Visitor Holy Feist of Romalon since he is the youngest officer onboard. Lydia blackmales Diana into agreeing to allow her brother's life to be spared and the resistance destroys a virus designed to kill people during this episodes adventure onboard the mothership.

19. The Return
     The Visitor's leader arrives on Earth from the Visitor home world. He orders an end to all visitor hostilities on Earth and the leaders of the resistance and their visitor enemies gather onboard the Diana's mothership. The leader leaves in a shuttle with the starchild Elisabeth but Diana has planted a bomb on the shuttle which rises slowly. The fate of the visitor leader and of V itself was left to guesswork after V was cancelled with this very pivotal point in the saga.

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