An eclectic group is formed by the government to deal with the new alien threat, and the series follows their missions and adventures (and, often, failures) in fighting the aliens. The Blackwood Project, named after its central member, consists of the following:

  • Dr. Harrison Blackwood (Jared Martin): Astrophysicist whose parents were killed in the 1953 invasion. He was adopted following the events of the film by Dr. Clayton Forrester and Blackwood's character is played very much to resemble Forrester down to his demeanor, dress, and even his speech and appearance. He is a pacifist and a vegetarian, and is often seen practicing many alternative health techniques such as yoga.
  • Dr. Suzanne McCullough (Lynda Mason Green): Microbiologist and single mother to Debi. She firmly embraces standard procedure in her work, which causes friction with Blackwood and his chaotic and eccentric work habits.
  • Norton Drake (Philip Akin): A long-time friend of Harrison, he is a paraplegic computer genius who is granted mobility via a voice-activated wheelchair named Gertrude. He is often portrayed as being cool and laid back with a good sense of humour. In earlier episodes he had a pseudo-Caribbean accent; this was later dropped.
  • Lt. Col. Paul Ironhorse (Richard Chaves): Native American military man. He is very conservative and often clashes with the other members of the team, especially Blackwood who is his political and philosophical opposite.
  • Quinn: An alien trapped in a human host since the invasion of ’53, mysteriously immune to bacteria, and ready to play both of the major warring factions against each other for his own favor.
  • The Qar’To: An unknown alien race represented by a synthetic life form sent to Earth, they have sinister reasons for wanting the Mor-Taxans dead and humanity preserved.
  • Project 9: A shadow government organization much like the Blackwood Project, but more interested in alien research than in resisting or countering the Mor-Taxan invasion plans.


The Resurrection

     Season brings the aliens out of hibernation due to some heavy radiation. Harrison Blackwood has discovered their return is tasked with fighting the alien presence and  convince other of their return. 


According to the series, rather than being killed outright by germs at the end of the 1953 film, the aliens had all slipped into a state of suspended animation. Their bodies were stored away in toxic waste drums and shipped to various disposal sites within the United States (ten such sites are known to exist in the country), and a widespread government cover-up combined with a condition dubbed “selective amnesia” has convinced most people that the invasion had never happened.

Since the concept of vastly intelligent life on Mars had lost its plausibility by the time of the series, the aliens are revealed to actually be from Mor-Tax—a garden planet 40 light-years away in the Taurus constellation orbiting a dying sun.

Thirty-five years later, in 1988 (modern day when the series began), a terrorist group calling itself the People's Liberation Party accidentally irradiates the drums containing the aliens while raiding dumpsite Fort Jericho. The radiation destroys the bacteria that are keeping the aliens unconscious. Once free, the aliens take possession of the bodies of the six terrorists who overran the site. From there they use a series of human bodies and crudely adapted Earth technology to find means of appropriating the planet, both in purging the plague that is humanity and developing a permanent means to inoculate themselves against the planet's indigenous bacteria. Their attempt to successfully make Earth into their new homeworld is imperative for in roughly five years, three million colonists from Mor-Tax are expected to arrive.


The Second Wave

     For season 2 War of the Worlds has taken a huge turn and the Martians are taking the initiative to undermine the government and expand their hold on the planet.  Adrian Paul joins the cast as John Kincaid. 


    The creative team of Season 1 was replaced, bringing in Frank Mancuso, Jr., who was also busy producing Friday the 13th: The Series. Many aspects of the show were retooled, such as removing the black humor and Biblical references. Even the show's name underwent a change as it was now fully titled War of the Worlds: The Second Invasion.

     The modern-day setting of the first season shifted to a not-too-distant future of "Almost Tomorrow" where the world has since spiraled into a dismal state with its economy, environment, and government all beaten down. Of the few characters that return for the second season, most are killed off in the season premiere, including fan favorites Norton and Ironhorse. The aliens of the first season are replaced by the Morthren, from Mothrai, who have an unexplained connection to the first season aliens from Mor-Tax. The show is inconsistent in revealing whether or not the Morthren are indeed a new race of aliens, a sub-culture of the season one aliens, or something else altogether.









War of the Worlds Episode Guide



1 :01x01 - The Resurrection

First aired: Oct/07/1988

35 years ago Earth experienced a war of the worlds, humanity's savior being common diseases to which it had long since gained immunity. However, a Pandora's Box is opened when the invaders are accidentally revived via radiation exposure, canceling the presence of their microscopic attackers.

Their plot to reignite warfare is recognized only by Dr. Harrison Blackwood, who must convince others of the renewed global threat.

2 :01x02 - The Walls of Jericho

First aired: Oct/10/1988

It's been six weeks without any further activity from the aliens since the destruction of their warships. The powers-that-be believe that the Blackwood Project has done its job and prepare to shut it down.

In reality, the aliens are very much alive, but have put all efforts in combating the radiation that protects them from bacteria from killing them as well.

3 :01x03 - Thy Kingdom Come

First aired: Oct/17/1988

The aliens begin gathering additional troops by freeing more of their brethren from their secreted locations.

Soon the Blackwood Project becomes aware of an alien trek into Canada via the mentally troubled Sylvia Van Buren, survivor of the original War of the Worlds.

4 :01x04 - A Multitude of Idols

First aired: Oct/24/1988

In order to carry out successful covert missions, the aliens need to integrate themselves into human society. And an abandoned town named Beeton becomes the perfect location of operations to prepare host bodies.

5 :01x05 - Eye for an Eye

First aired: Oct/31/1988

The residents of Grover's Mill are celebrating the 50th anniversary of the infamous Orson Welles radio broadcast of The War of the Worlds. Everyone except four veterans of the 1938 militia, who claim to know the truth about what happened that October night.

As the Blackwood Project pays a visit for research, the "Martians" have also returned for something they left behind.

6 :01x06 - The Second Seal

First aired: Nov/07/1988

The Blackwood Project makes a visit to a military base to unlock material related to the 1953 invasion. Their search is interrupted by aliens who are there for the same reason, but only after one specific thing: a list containing the location of every North American alien dumpsite.

7 :01x07 - Goliath Is My Name

First aired: Nov/14/1988

Aliens are sent to steal a deadly toxin called Y Fever from a college campus. But an accident with the substance turns one of them into an uncontrollable and increasingly unstable danger as he continues to wield the remaining vials of the chemical agent while engaging in his host's role-playing game.

8 :01x08 - To Heal the Leper

First aired: Nov/21/1988

The Advocacy take the risk of venturing into the outside world to fuel a powerful enough distillery to cure one of their fellow ailing comrades, and thus resume their collective leadership.

Meanwhile, this lack of guidance has caused a lapse of alien activity that seems to signal an end to the alien menace. But Harrison is increasingly obsessed with the belief that the threat is still in the air.

9 :01x09 - The Good Samaritan

First aired: Dec/26/1988

Businessman Marcus Madison Mason has gained great attention for having developed a grain that could help feed the world and end global famine. Due to its tolerance to radiation, Suzanne hopes to obtain the secret to help the world as an aid against the aliens. However, Mason's product has also garnered the aliens' attention who hope to use it as means of worldwide poisoning.

10 :01x10 - Epiphany

First aired: Jan/02/1989

The tension of a disarmament pact between the United States and Soviet Union is a perfect time for the aliens to detonate a bomb in hopes that it will be their first of many successes of inciting human conflict, and thus quickening its inevitable self-destruction.

11 :01x11 - Among the Philistines

First aired: Jan/09/1989

The Blackwood Project have met a wonderful new potential partner for the team, a linguist who has been able to successfully decipher the aliens' transmissions. However, when things begin to fail to add up, it's quite obvious that something is wrong.

12 :01x12 - Choirs of Angels

First aired: Jan/16/1989

The aliens employ a brilliant scientist to develop a vaccine against Earth's bacteria by method of brainwashing him through music into thinking that they are great beings of peace and mercy. Soon Harrison is unintentionally drawn into the same delusions, dividing himself from the other members who try to bring him back to his senses.

13 :01x13 - Dust to Dust

First aired: Jan/23/1989

A Native American headdress dug up at the Westeskiwin Indian Reservation holds great meaning to many. To Ironhose, it is a sacred object; to archaeologist Mark Newport, it is worth money; but to the aliens, it holds a crystal that belongs to and can locate a long forgotten warship.

14 :01x14 - He Feedeth Among the Lilies

First aired: Jan/30/1989

The aliens have become quite desperate to learn the secret of the human immune system and undertake to figure it out for themselves. This includes targeting and experimenting on various unsuspecting people.

The Blackwood Project interviews many of them in hopes of a window into alien behaviour. One particular woman catches the attention of Harrison, but her experience may be too horrifying for either of them to handle.

15 :01x15 - The Prodigal Son

First aired: Feb/06/1989

Harrison is invited to meet a hermit artist simply named Quinn. However, he soon finds out that the man is not only an alien, but is immune to Earth's bacteria due to the same body he possessed in 1953.

Fortunately for Harrison, Quinn is not working with his own kind, but rather, running from them. Unfortunately, however, Quinn is going to use Blackwood to help him in his own plot to take over the world.

16 :01x16 - The Meek Shall Inherit

First aired: Feb/13/1989

The aliens have constructed a way to paralyse humanity's means of communication, but to enable it to full scale they need a proper generator, sending three operatives to retrieve it by possessing the bodies of unvalued homeless people.

Meanwhile, Sylvia Van Buren has befriended and escapes the Whitewood Sanitarium with a homeless girl who is the only one who believes her talk of the aliens.

17 :01x17 - Unto Us a Child is Born

First aired: Feb/20/1989

Aliens abandon a compromised biological attack, one of whom panics and takes over another body to escape, not knowing its new host is a pregnant woman.

The child that is soon born is a curiosity because it has taken with it part of the alien that blended with its mother. Even when it grows into a monster, the Blackwood Project must protect it from the aliens who soon realise that it may be a source of salvation against Earth's bacteria.

18 :01x18 - The Last Supper

First aired: Mar/06/1989

To better understand the reach of the aliens, the Blackwood Project holds a top secret meeting with extraterrestrial authorities from other parts of the world.

Their objective, and more importantly, their lives are in jeopardy as the aliens are not only aware of the meeting, but one of them may be an alien operative.

19 :01x19 - Vengeance Is Mine

First aired: Apr/17/1989

Ironhorse must now fight both a psychological and emotional war after he accidentally kills an innocent civilian. However, he is not the only one with inner wounds. The victim's husband knows who murdered his wife and is determined to exact revenge.

20 :01x20 - My Soul to Keep

First aired: Apr/24/1989

With their mating limited to a nine-year interval, the aliens put a good deal of risk into ensuring that their offspring survive. Meanwhile, Suzanne's ex-husband tries to get close to her again for the sake of a scoop, but his interference has been set in motion by someone who has a history with the Blackwood Project and the aliens.

21 :01x21 - So Shall Ye Reap

First aired: May/01/1989

The aliens newest plot involves an attempt to perfect a drug that will transform the user into a violent killer. However, their tests go through many subjects, leaving a string of bodies in the streets of Chicago.

In order to better investigate, the Blackwood Project infiltrates a local police department by posing as federal agents.

22 :01x22 - The Raising of Lazarus

First aired: May/08/1989

The Blackwood Project is given the special privilege to investigate an alien pod that looks nothing like what they've seen before. But they soon find themselves following the orders of a branch of a shadow government. This enigmatically named Project 9 is also involved on alien related work, but do not have the same positive goals.

23 :01x23 - The Angel of Death

First aired: May/15/1989

A new player arrives on Earth, a synth from the planet Qar'To that is seeking to destroy the Advocacy and has killed several underlings with ease.

With the assurance of humanity's safety her goal, the Blackwood Project embraces her as an ally. But the Advocacy, who risk their safety to personally destroy this enemy, are full aware of the agenda of the Qar'To.



24 :02x01 - The Second Wave

First aired: Oct/02/1989

The time is that of "almost tomorrow." The planet is in dire straits and the government is falling apart. With no alien activity for months, the Blackwood Project is lost to explain the situation.

To make matters worse, a new set of aliens, the Morthren, have arrived on Earth and have set out to accomplish where those before have failed.

25 :02x02 - No Direction Home

First aired: Oct/09/1989

What remains of what was once the Blackwood Project search out a new home, as the Morthren likewise look for a new base of operations.

While the Morthren use a cloned reverend to teach humans of the Eternal, the Blackwood team find a valuable piece of the Morthren's cloning process.

26 :02x03 - Doomsday

First aired: Oct/16/1989

A heat wave strikes the city, but one church's sudden supply attracts people of the faith. Little do they know, however, that they are pawns of the Morthren in an attempt to sway human faith to that of the Eternal.

27 :02x04 - Terminal Rock

First aired: Oct/23/1989

With their lives in danger due to random acts of violence on the street, agitated by the rock and roll band the Scavengers, the Morthren decide to take advantage of the situation. With the frontman cloned, the impressionable audience will now have their violent urges directed by the Morthren's will.

28 :02x05 - Breeding Ground

First aired: Oct/30/1989

The Morthren use a hospital to experiment on humans in order to increase their numbers

29 :02x06 - Seft of Emun

First aired: Nov/06/1989

Harrison falls for Seft of Emun, a slave to the Morthren race, brought out of stasis to restore their power.

30 :02x07 - Loving the Alien

First aired: Nov/13/1989

A defiant young Morthren boy named Ceeto runs away from the rule of his kind and makes friends with Debi.

31 :02x08 - Night Moves

First aired: Nov/20/1989

Seeing the destructive effect the city life is having on Debi, Suzanne decides to take her daughter to her family farm. Little do they know, however, that the Morthren have taken the farm over to deal with their own food shortage.

32 :02x09 - Synthetic Love

First aired: Jan/15/1990

The Morthren begin to take over a rehabilitation centre and treat patients with a new drug composed in part of human brain tissue.

33 :02x10 - The Defector

First aired: Jan/22/1990

An attempt by the Morthren to hack into a computer system backfires, scarring a technician. Now flawed in the eyes of the Eternal, he faces execution, but escapes and questions the ways of his people.

34 :02x11 - Time to Reap

First aired: Jan/29/1990

Under the Eternal's instructions, Malzor takes advantage of a rare opportunity to go back in time to 1953 in the aftermath of the failed invasion in order to prevent their brethren from succumbing to Earth's bacteria.

35 :02x12 - The Pied Piper

First aired: Feb/05/1990

The Morthren use the first-born child on Earth, who has grown rapidly since birth, to infiltrate an experimental school and steal useful genetic information.

36 :02x13 - The Deadliest Disease

First aired: Feb/12/1990

An illness strikes the Morthren and only a stolen med cell can cure them. The Morthren use a clone to seize it, unaware that a war is brewing on the market.

37 :02x14 - Path of Lies

First aired: Feb/19/1990

Nosey reporter Marc Traynor is caught in the middle when he has photographic evidence of both the Morthren, as well as the identities of Harrison and Kincaid.

38 :02x15 - Candle in the Night

First aired: Apr/09/1990

Suzanne gets Kincaid and Harrison to help plot a surprise birthday party for Debi.

39 :02x16 - Video Messiah

First aired: Apr/16/1990

The Mothren clone a popular motivational speaker to use for their own sinister purposes.

40 :02x17 - Totally Real

First aired: Apr/23/1990

Debi is snared into playing a deadly game that the Morthren have infiltrated.

41 :02x18 - Max

First aired: Apr/30/1990

A year after the death of Kincaid's brother, the Morthren resurrect Max as a killer cyborg.

42 :02x19 - The True Believer

First aired: May/07/1990

With their situation becoming dire, the Morthren frame Harrison, Suzanne, and Kincaid for a bank robbery. The team's only hope lies in the department's one virtuous cop.

43 :02x20 - The Obelisk

First aired: May/14/1990

After consulting a sacred obelisk, Malzor orders the Morthren to use a deadly spore to wipe out all Earth-born life on the planet. However, the obelisk holds a secret that could end the war of the worlds once and for all.





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