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   Have you got a short story to share? Short Stories must be of the following guidelines. 1. A short story (not a novel) 2. Must be dedicated to Sci-Fi, Adventure, Western, Horror or Fantasy. 3. Short Story can only be in HTML or Word format.   4. for the by-line include your full name, a bust photo of yourself if you like (small one) and whether or not you want you email address posted with the story for fan feedback. No valid email address for my files, no posting of the short story.   4. Nudity without porno is acceptable. No problem with colorful metaphors (swearing). 5. BurntEffects.com  has complete control over which stories are used, pulled, or otherwise.  6. Writer maintains all rights to their short stories. They are simply posted here for the purpose of sharing and the writer to receive exposure. Email at daarksun@hotmail.com  Put submission in the subject title.

    NOTE:  Any or all requirements are subject to change. Writers with stories posted will be notified of any changes prior to them taking effect. Write may ask to pull their material at any time. 

    NOTE 2: Only first print electronic rights are lost to the short story.  All other format first printing rights are retained by and to the author of the short story. That includes magazines, book, film script and so on. I have no rights to the material.